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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Indigenous Peoples Day and Peltier Rally Albuquerque Oct. 10, 2016

My name is Hope Alvarado, I am a lead organizer with the Red Nation and UNM KIVA Club.

The Red Nation and UNM KIVA Club issue a call to March & Rally Second Annual Indigenous People's Day of Resistance and Resilience in Albuquerque for Indigenous Peoples Day. We are spreading awareness about the Clemency for Leonard Peltier as well as the No Dakota Access Pipeline Movement #NoDAPL. We will also be discussing the following movements below (#) and the inequities indigenous communities face! #FreePeltier #NoDAPL #BordertownJustice #IPD2016 #ClemencyNow!

This March and Rally for Indigenous Peoples Day and Clemency for Peltier will be Monday, October 10, 2016 at 5:30 pm at the intersection of 1st St. and Central Ave which we will lead to the Civic Plaza intersection at Third St. and Marquette Ave. for our lined up speakers for the rally.

We are reaching out to you to see if there are any services you would like to contribute. This is a volunteer base that we are seeking help with security during the march and rally, assistance with the Red Nation table (Helping hand out literature and Red Nation information) and Outreach assistance. I will be one of the point contact people for managing the Red Nation table so if you have any questions feel free to contact me with the information I provided below.

We hope to see you there, this is a historical event as we will continue to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day!

Thank you for your time!

Mohawk Nation News 'The Jury's Out'


Please post & distribute.
MNN. 7. 2016. “Onondaga 15” has laid to rest the case of Jones v. Parmley so the jury can deliberate. The ‘team’ goes back to court on October 11, 2016, Tuesday, 9.30 am.
You're kidding? "I was following orders", didn't work?
NYS I-81 INDIAN Detail: “Hey! I was following orders”. 
Support would be appreciated. [Room 6, 12th Floor, 100 South Clinton St. Syracuse, 9.30 am.] 
Freddie, Teddie, Joe & Tiny Tim end another day at 'don't-show-don't-tell' court.
New York State enforcers Freddie, Teddie, Joe & Tiny Tim end another grueling ‘won’t-show-won’t-tell’ court day.
Will it be the “Onondaga 15” or the I-81 INDIAN Detail?
INDIAN Detail ordered to take down the sacred celebration at Onondaga.
INDIAN Detail ordered to take down thanksgiving ceremony at Onondaga.

October 10, Scullin gave everybody the day off to celebrate Columbus Day. The beginning of the ongoing genocide started in 1492. th-1October 31: Halloween is “trick or treat” day when people try to disguise their shame. Like the I-81 INDIAN Detail disguised themselves and took their name tags off to brutally attack men, women and children during a thanksgiving sacred ceremony.  thahoketoteh.
Scullin [Bones] and the crew would probably like to follow the Grateful Dead to get away from Jones v. Parmley: “I ran down to the levee, But the Devil caught me there. He took my twenty dollar bill, And he vanished in the air”…[Friend of the Devil]. 


Adam L. Pollock
Angela C. Winfield,
Brittany E. Aungier,
Carol. Rhinehart,
Devin M. Cain,
lkan Abramowitz,
Gabriel M. Nugent, Joanna Gozzi,
Jodi M. Meikin
Robert J. Anello
Terrance J. Hoffman
TimothY P. Mulvey
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