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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Enbridge delivers eviction notice to Fire Light Camp: Stopping Line 3 construction at Mississippi Headwaters

Update: 50 citations were issued. One person chose to be arrested in order to present the Treaty rights in court.

 Monday morning update, 7:30 am, June 14, 2021

Massive police buildup at Bagley, near Fire Light Camp, Stop Enbridge Line 3 Camp, Clearwater County, Minnesota, at Headwaters of Mississippi.

Response from Fire Light Camp to Enbridge letter of eviction.


Enbridge delivered an eviction notice to Fire Light Camp, which has stopped construction of Line 3 pipeline since Monday, at the Headwaters of the Mississippi River, in Northern Minnesota 

"We are not trespassing -- they are trespassing." -- Water Protector 

By Rise Coalition

Censored News

Today at Firelight camp where we are peacefully asserting our treaty rights by occupying space and holding ceremony, we received this eviction notice from Enbridge.

RISE Coalition rejects Enbridge’s empty trespass claims, stands on treaty rights

For the past week, Anishinaabe band members have exercised their treaty rights and peacefully occupied a site on the Mississippi headwaters where Enbridge plans to drill its Line 3 pipeline under the river. They have been joined by many non-Indigenous allies who are invited guests.

Today, Enbridge issued a letter alleging that a ”certain group of people” is trespassing on its pipeline easement and demanded that we depart the premises.

We respectfully decline.

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