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Monday, November 12, 2012

AIM West Coast Inter-Tribal Conference Nov. 19-23, 2012

Sixth Annual AIM West Coast Inter-Tribal Conference November 19-23, 2012  
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Trail of Broken Treaties 1972
By AIM West
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AIM-WEST is proud to host its Sixth Annual AIM West Coast Inter-Tribal Conference in San Francisco, November 19-23, 2012. The Conference features guest speakers, regional reports, films, solidarity statements, panel discussions, cultural performances, the traditional Un-thanksgiving feast, Alcatraz Sun Rise with honoring and memorials, and a concluding concert. A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided Monday and Tuesday, dinners are on your own!

The theme for this year’s Conference is the “Forty Year Retrospective of the Trail of Broken Treaties, a Review of the Twenty Point Position of 1972, and Indian Manifesto” and how it aligns with the 2007 United Nations “Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”. Conference attendees will be encouraged to explore how these historic documents can serve as guides to prioritize, address and implement issues we are facing today.

Monday, November 19th registration begins at 9 am (on-going) at the San Francisco Public Library, located at 100 Larkin Street (at Grove St., near Civic Center BART station) in the Koret Auditorium, on the Library’s lower level (enter at 30 Grove St.), proceed downstairs. We will host a press conference promptly at 10 am and the Conference program begins at 10:30 am until 6 pm.
On Tuesday, November 20th the Conference will be held at the Bahai’i Center, 170 Valencia St. (near Duboce St.) starting with registration at 9 am and panel discussions, lunch and film, until 6 pm.

Wednesday, November 21, the annual Un-Thanksgiving dinner will be held at the Bahai’i Center at 12 noon until 6 pm where the “Eagle and the Condor” come to feast. The public and their families are invited. There will be a cultural program that includes drumming, singers, solo and group performances with Sami peoples, and David Smith and California Pomo Dancers, the Teokalli-Mexica traditional dancers, guest speakers and a special life time achievement award to honor Mr. Wounded Knee De’Ocampo. Please come to honor the occasion!

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We need not give another recitation of past complaints nor engage in redundant dialogue of discontent. Our conditions and their cause for being should perhaps be best known by those who have written the record of America's action against Indian people. In 1832, Black Hawk correctly observed: You know the cause of our making war. It is known to all white men. They ought to be ashamed of it. The government of the United States knows the reasons for our going to its capital city. Unfortunately, they don't know how to greet us. We go because America has been only too ready to express shame, and suffer none from the expression - while remaining wholly unwilling to change to allow life for Indian people. We seek a new American majority - a majority that is not content merely to confirm itself by superiority in numbers, but which by conscience is committed toward prevailing upon the public will in ceasing wrongs and in doing right. For our part, in words and deeds of coming days, we propose to produce a rational, reasoned manifesto for construction of an Indian future in America. If America has maintained faith with its original spirit, or may recognize it now, we should not be denied. Press Statement issued: October 31, 1972
Indian Manifesto

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