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November 26, 2012

Hopi Message 2012 'World Waters at Risk' Prophecy

Hopi Message 2012 'World Waters at Risk' Prophecy

Shungopavi Hopi website:

For the first time in history the Traditional Hopi Elders from the Village of Shungopavi (the Mother Village) are stepping forward to speak to the public. They have a warning for the world. They say they have been told this time would come when the water would be taken from them. If this happens it will have an effect on the whole world as they are the microcosm of the world, of the universe.
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Now is the time that the True Hopi have been waiting for. It is in this lifetime they see the unfolding of Prophecies of their Ancestors and have been given instructions to not allow these things to happen. This is why they are speaking to us, to warn us, that if the water is taken from Hopi it will have a devastating effect on the planet.
Join with the True Traditional Hopi in stopping the further destruction of the waters around the world.
Support stopping SB2109 and support the fresh waters in your area and together with a world community we can and we will save the future waterways for generations to come.
Kwa Kwah / Asquali (Thank you)

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