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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Friday, November 23, 2012

VIDEO Sacredness of Water by O'odham Ofelia Rivas at Yaqui International Forum

Ofelia Rivas, O'odham and representative of the National Indigenous Congress of Mexico, at the International Forum for the Defense of Water at the Yoeme (Yaqui) Vicam Pueblo in Sonora, Mexico. Hosted by the Traditional Authority of Vicam Pueblo, Nov. 20-21, 2012, the forum was in solidarity with the Zapatistas and Indigenous fighting the theft and pollution of their water. The resistance movement is to uphold Indigenous water rights and unite in the battle against corporations, governments and politicians seeking the theft of Indian water.
--Brenda Norrell Censored News.

Read more about Ofelia Rivas' work at the O'odham Solidarity Project. Please consider making a donation to Ofelia Rivas, at the link below, for this border justice work:

Censored News exclusive coverage of the International Forum on the Defense of Water, Vicam Yaqui Pueblo, Mexico, this week
Video Sacredness of Water, by O’odham Ofelia Rivas
Yaqui and Navajo: Theft of Water Rights Crime against Humanity
Video Yaqui Internacional Del Agua, en espanol, summary of gathering by Yaqui spokesperson
Yaqui Vicam Pueblo International Gathering for the Defense of Water


David said...

We should all be in support of this, you have mine. Posoh!

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