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November 2, 2012

Navajo Nation seeks comments on water rights legislation and meeting with Salazar

The Navajo Nation government is seeking comments on legislation for an upcoming meeting in Washington with Interior Sec. Ken Salazar. Earlier, a leaked document showed that Salazar is planning to sneak a revised water settlement for Navajo water rights to the Little Colorado River rights through a lame duck Congress.

By Ed Becenti
Dine' Water Rights Committee Liaison
Censored News

The new legislation 0468-12 is 83 pages long. It is regarding the November 14 Water Rights meeting with Salazar in Washington DC. It is kind of complex for the common grassroots folks to comprehend. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. I already caught some language errors, if you need help and/or guidance in submitting your comments, please email or call me. We need to make sure our comments are clear and understood. We have a 5-day comment period that started 4:30 pm today Friday. Also PLEASE FORWARD to all your contacts. Thank you!
Ed Becenti 480-313-8070

THE NAVAJO NATION LEGISLATIVE BRANCH INTERNET PUBLIC REVIEW PUBLICATION LEGISLATION NO: _0468-12_____ SPONSOR: Johnny Naize TITLE: An Action Relating to Naa’bik’iyati’ Committee: Accepting the Invitation of the Secretary of the United States Department of the Interior to Discuss Key Issues Impacting the Navajo Nation With Respect To Federal Legislation S.2109 and H.R. 4067 Regarding Proposed Water Rights Settlements of the Navajo Nation Date posted: November 2, 2012 at 4:35pm

Please note: This digital copy is bein provided for the benefit of the Navajo Nation chapters and public use. Any political use is prohibited. All written comments received become the property of the Navajo Nation and will be forwarded to the assigned Navajo Nation Council standing committee(s) and/or the Navajo Nation Council for review. Any tampering with public records are punishable by Navajo Nation law pursuant to 17 N.N.C. §374 et. seq.
Digital comments may be e-mailed to


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