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November 11, 2012

Protest at CIA headquarters denounces US assassinations using drones


Reposted at Censored News from Indymedia

This protest came one day after a sex scandal forced former CIA Director David Petraus from office.

Here's a statement the organizers released in promoting this protest:

The US Military and the Central Intelligence Agency are killing innocent people, committing extrajudicial executions, and violating international law with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, DRONES, that are destroying the lives of people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Iraq. The use of killer drones is increasing and spreading to other countries. We must hold our government accountable for these acts of terror. Come out and oppose these aerial death squads. Please make a banner so that all our citizens can begin to understand what is being wrought in our names.


Censored News comment

This comes as Tucson television news cheers for a new US contract for Raytheon Missiles, to make missiles to kill people. Raytheon also has a factory on the Navajo commercial farm, NAPI, making missile parts. That was one of the censored issues by Indian Country Today before I was terminated without cause in 2006 and then began Censored News as a result. ICT editors forbid me to even investigate the fact that Raytheon Missiles has a production plant on the same land that the Navajo Nation grows potatoes for commercial potato chips and other foods.

Thank you to the US veterans who are organizing at Veterans for Peace today, to march against US war tomorrow in Veterans Day parades, and against the media and politicians who deceive others about those bogus wars, resulting in large numbers of suicides in the US military.

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