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November 14, 2012

TransCanada bulldozes Texas biofuels farm for tarsands pipeline

TransCanada bulldozes Texas renewable biofuels farm for tarsands pipeline

Tarsands Blockade Day 51
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Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012

NACOGDOCHES, Texas -- Right now TransCanada is bulldozing Nacogdoches local landowner, Michael Bishop’s property for its Keystone XL pipeline. Mr. Bishop has been a vocal opponent of the tar sands pipeline for years and has filed several lawsuits against the multi-national corporation to prevent them from destroying his home and small business. Mr. Bishop is a pioneer of growing renewable biofuels on his property for the fuel of the future. Today the toxic energy sources of the past are literally plowing his business and crops into the ground.
Feeling he had no other legal recourse to stop them, and that the court system wasn’t going to give him due compensation, he decided to settle with the industry in a pre-court hearing on Friday.
We’re here to stand in solidarity with Texas farmers who have been failed by their political and legal institutions and are working toward a sustainable future free from toxic tar sands.

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