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November 9, 2012

Pearl Means: Honoring Russell Means

The  next honoring of Russell Means in February

By Pearl Means
Censored News

Hello our relatives. We have completed the four sacred days in preparation for sending Russell Means’ spirit on his journey and his ashes have been scattered at Yellow Thunder in the Lakota sacred holy land, the He Sapa (Black Hills).
On behalf of the family I want to extend our appreciation and gratitude for all of the ceremonies, prayers, good words, and messages that we have received from friends and allies around the world. Russell was a man of the People and we all share in the responsibility of continuing his legacy.
Thank you to Chief Leonard Crow Dog, Russell’s longtime ally and spiritual advisor for officiating the powerful ceremonies that ensured a smooth transition. A heartfelt thank you to the Oglala Sioux Tribe for all of its support during this difficult time. Thank you to the Porcupine District for hosted meals, OST Parks and Recreation for the donation of buffalo meat and to the beautiful people who prepared all of the delicious meals. Thank you to the horseback riders, the singers and the security teams. Thank you to all of the people who brought star quilts and other gifts. A giveaway will take place at the next scheduled honoring, February 26, 2013.
The scheduled Honorings are as follows:
*February 27, 2013 @ Wounded Knee ‘73 Liberation 40th Anniversary Wounded Knee, Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation, South Dakota
*June 2013 (new moon) Russell Means’ annual Sun Dance – Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota
*November 10, 2013 (Russell Means’ birthday) - Denver, CO (facility to be determined)
As my husband often said, “May the Great Mystery continue to guide and protect the paths of you and your loved ones.”
Pearl Means
PO Box 99
Porcupine, Republic of Lakotah

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KPatrickRyan said...

I'm a non-Native American, but would have been immensely proud to have been related in any way to a man as great as Mr. Russell Means.

I'd love to travel to Pine Ridge for the 40th anniversary - and believe the best way in which Mr. Means could be honored would be for younger Natives to take up his banner and join together in a fight for self-determination and true justice.

God Bless,