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November 22, 2013

Film Trailer 'Black Mesa Film'

Black Mesa Film

Read more about this film work in progress, and the work of Bahe Katenay of Big Mountain and the filmmakers at:

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
This is what education should become in the future, sharing the voices of Dine' grassroots people who know the real story of Black Mesa, and the real history of Peabody Coal, corrupt politicians, the dirty coal industry, and how it resulted in Navajo relocation.
This is also what the media should become, uncensored and reporting the voices of truth.
Bahe Katenay was one of those censored by Indian Country Today, before I was terminated as a staff reporter. In that interview, Bahe spoke about the oil and gas drilling in Dinetah, the sacred place of origin, and the role of the "puppet" Navajo Nation Council, which signs energy leases, is coopted by the US government and threatens future generations of Navajos with water rights loss, pollution from dirty coal power plants, and destruction of the earth.
In the interview censored by Indian Country Today concerning those oil and gas leases, Bahe Katenay said, "I am also saddened when I think that, because these lands were given away for profit, the rest of our sacred lands everywhere are being desecrated, today: Mount Taylor, San Francisco Mountains, and Big Mountain.” 
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