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November 14, 2013

Mi'kmaq Human Barricade halts Fracking Trucks Nov. 14, 2013

Mi'kmaq and allies turned the fracking trucks around Thursday! 

Thumper trucks came for seismic testing for Southwestern Energy of Houston, SWN

Scroll down for video: Security firm protecting frackers SWN hired company owned by ex-con who claimed undercover work for RCMP in Akwesasne
Jennifer Choi CBC photo: Mi'kmaq and allies watch as trucks turn around late Thursday. SWN says it will be back tomorrow.
Photo Jennifer CBC Fire for the night after turning the trucks around.
APTN reports  said it will pull their seismic testing trucks for the day and return tomorrow.
Canadian police protecting frackers.
Photo 11 am Thursday New Brunswick Photo David Bell

Photo collages of early this morning when trucks arrived. APTN's "The ground shakes as SWN thumper trucks test the earth for shale gas deposits."

Michelin: Lorraine Clair, shown praying in photo three, was just arrested.

APTN 11:47 am New Brunswick Thursday
Photo Savvy Simon 

Photo Savvy Simon

Demonstrator smudges RCMP photo APTN Ossie Michelin


Photo APTN Ossie Michelin

Photo 3: 11:20 Ossie Michelin APTN

Photo 2
Photo 1: Thursday morning: Mi'kmaq and allies walk in front on thumping trucks to slow them down/Ossie Michelin photo Time: 11:11 am New Brunswick, Thursday Nov. 14

Raw video
More raw video from today:

APTN reports: Security firm protecting SWN hired company owned by ex-con who claimed undercover work for RCMP in Akwesasne:


Today, Thursday, Nov. 14, 2013, Southwestern Energy of Houston, SWN, is seismic testing for fracking on Mi'kmaq land. Canadian police, RCMP, are again protecting the frackers, following the violent police attack on Mi'kmaq here on Oct. 17, 2013.

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Saint Howard (a.k.a. Howard the Great) said...

You reap what you sow. Put poison in the ground, and that's what we will be eating and drinking in a few years ... long after the natural gas wealth is gone.

Unknown said...

If its approved by government it will go ahead despite the people protests.i.see the same thing going on here with shell in the westvof ireland building a gas refinery in a beautiful scenic place when it could have been built at sea.the people objected but the government sold them out and the police bulliedvthe people and forced this project on the local people.check out

Unknown said...

Elsipogtog. Izhichigeyeg niminwendam. What you are doing there puts me in a good state of mind. Inendam aki gego gaawiin minobimaadizisii oshkiwakiwikwe. Sometimes I think that the earth, she is not doing so well. Dash niwaabamaag mikmak naakiwidog minomashkiikii wedi. Then I see the original people working good medicine there. ingichenindam and it puts me in a profound, good state of mind. Apegish minyaayeg wishing you all good things, from nishnaabewaki.