Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

November 15, 2013

Video: Lakotas Demand TransCanada Sellouts Leave Lakota Territory!

Debra White Plume and other Lakotas demand that TransCanada representatives leave Lakota Territory immediately. White Plume says they are willing to go to jail to get them off their land. She also tells them to leave now or be escorted off. Watch and see what happens.

Video by Lakota Media Project
Dutch translation NAIS


Lee said...

Good words!

Troy L. Coots said...

I would like to see the day when my brothers, sisters, cousins, and other kin of Oglala Lakota Oyate can sit back and say, "no one is picking on me today". Contained within this video is the spirit in all of us that are fed up with our toes being stepped on by the black blood of a greedy group that has only recently followed the other groups who pushed us into the corner of venerability in the first place. To offer beds and worthless pieces of paper is like rubbing salt in the wounds of those of us who have or still today can not rest without the risk of mice or roaches leaving their diseases on our slumbering corporeal shells already shattered by previous back stabbers but I digress. The strength and courage it takes to stand up for an entire people is a tremendous task. When the dragon has a political backing, billions of dollars in its pockets, and lawyers who know how to bend the rules, how can it be stopped or re-directed? How does the beaver make its dam or the woodpecker find a meal out of a worm eating the lungs of Grandmother Earth? What I am saying is that I am very, very proud of my relatives and our friends in other First Nations. While it is not a goal of mine to share a cell with our brother, Leonard Peltier, if it gets to the point where my services are needed... Toksha ake wacinyuanktin ktelo, kolapi.