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November 29, 2013

Longest Walk 4 walking from Yomba Shoshone land to Paiute land

Friday night, Nov. 29, 2013 Camped at Grimes Point Paiute land Nevada

Friday nght

Thursday night camped at Cold Springs Nevada
Thursday night

Friday dawn, Nov. 29, 2013

Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz walking from Yomba Shoshone, Western Shoshone, land toward Paiute land in Nevada. Photos on Thursday, Nov. 28 and Friday, Nov. 29, 2013: The walkers were camped out on Thursday night at Cold Springs, and on Friday night at Grimes Point. Thanks to Western Shoshone long walker Carl 'Bad Bear' Sampson for the photos from his homeland.

By Brenda Norrell

YOMBA SHOSHONE LAND -- The Longest Walk 4 Return to Alcatraz is now in its final and fifth month on the long walk from DC and the east coast and will arrive in Alcatraz on Dec. 21, with a ceremony on Dec. 22, 2013.
Michael Lane, Longest Walk 4 said on Thursday, "Day 137 - Here we are on the Yomba Reservation in the Western Shoshone Nation. Thank you to Johnny Bob and his family, Rozina, Buck and all those that have walked with us the last couple weeks. Will be getting the van going again after the alternator went out yesterday in Austin. 22 miles to cover today and we will be camping by Alpine Road on Hwy 50, with canned beans for dinner tonight. Tomorrow our Walker from the Zapotec Nation will be running 40 miles to Sand Mountain. In Fallon on Saturday, hosted by the Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe. Remember to give thanks for Indigenous Sovereignty and all that entails. It does not come from the nation-states but from the Land, and the original instructions given to us. Just saying. Have fun today."

More photos: Western Shoshone Bad Bear's mom joins him on the Longest Walk 4 in their homeland

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