Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

November 20, 2013

Supai Waters 'Stay in the center of the flowing river'

By Supai Waters
Damon Watahomigie
Censored News

Today we see a world of  interventions supernatural and spiritual mediums all over the world. This signifies a dramatic change. When the mountain lion came to the springs to drink water we knew that the life giving force would fall from grace and the natural Eden of the Americas would not be the same any more. When the twin brothers appeared of the white elk nation, they gave me unseen sacred arrows, which carries the torch of spiritual resistance and dominance as a seventh eye clan. I give you these songs and stories to guard the nine pointed star in the Americas. Stay in the center of the flowing river, don't  look at no sides and don't look back. Look for mother earth, help her and lead her through to the Indian world. She lives to the west for ever and her warrior son lives to the east for ever. Ask them secrecy to fulfill the divinity. The five fingered star is passing by, where flying nations are waiting. For all plains nations to pray for seven days. From nine o’clock to three o’clock, which will signify the rainbow to be healed for buffalo nations in the Americas. hoka mitukiya ayy ihunigyo

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