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November 4, 2013

ANONYMOUS: Private Security, RCMP and military executed attack on Mi'kmaq

  1. .#OpFrackOff Anonymous Source, Leaked Metadata
    #OpFrackOff Anonymous Source, Leaked Metadata Suggest Consortium of Private Security, RCMP, and Canadian Military Plotted and Executed Attack on Elsipogtog Mi'maq
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  10. Ohai spies, with our little eyes, something's lulzy.
  11. Now, it is your ships that have sprung a metadata leak.
  12. Anonymous knows why the RCMP will neither confirm or deny that the Canadian military had forces on the ground in Elsipogtog on October 17.
  13. We have connected with a tremendous high-level, inside source.
  14. Other sources, leaky metadata, and our best researchers findings support our insider's information: the RCMP,  Irving private security hired to protect SWN, and the Canadian military were working together for many weeks before October 17 to plot the attack on Mi'maq Keepers of the Land.
  15. Irving Oil tries to keep information about ISL, Industrial Security Limited, off the web.
  16. But our anonymous source has told us that ISL guards, as planned, intentionally began confrontations with warriors - then passed false information on supposed assaults and confinements to the RCMP in order to justify the raid.
  17. Unfortunately, someone didn't know that even protected Flickr accounts leak metadata for everyone to see.  
  18. According to Flickr metadata, Gerald Norman, a high level Integrated Security employee, is also working closely with the Canadian Forces Liaison Centre right at the footsteps of Canada's Joint Terrorism Task Force's headquarters.
  19. The Canadian Forces Liaison Centre, quote, “helps develop and support relations between civilian employer and the Reserves.” And, "reservists continue to rely on the support of employers and educators to deploy on domestic and international operations or to undergo military training,"
  20. What's more, a slide presentation from Ross Johnson, Chair of Petrochemical, Chemical, and Extractive Industry Security in Alberta, provides a fine example of what Canada's joint military, police, and corporate world thinks of resource extraction protesters:
  21. [TERRORISTS!!!!]
  22. Ross has worked for the Canadian and US militaries and has run security for an oil and gas company located in Texas - the same state where SWN is headquartered.
  23. CBC reported last week that Warriors are still jailed without a first court appearance, are being kept in solitary confinement, have been denied access to lawyers, and are beaten while cuffed.
  24. Anonymous is watching these developments with deepening resolve and fury. Canada's involvement with detainee abuse abroad has come home to roost.
  25. Canadian politicians have long talked about environmental and First Nations activists as terrorists.  Now Canada is using private security, courts, prisons, police, and paramilitary forces to treat it's own people just like it treats its enemies abroad.
  26. #OpFrackOff will continue until the the warriors are freed, the lawsuit is dropped, and a democratic referendum on fracking is held.
  27. We are anonymous.
  28. The corrupt, Fear Us.
  29. The honest, Support Us.
  30. The Heroic, Join Us.
    Censored News research reveals:

    Letter: Industrial Security for J.D. Irving, click to enlarge or see link:

    Photos attack on Mi'kmaq Oct. 17, 2013

    Anonymous exposes agent saying ' Natives' 

    Photo by Miles Howe

    Photo by Miles Howe

    Photo by Miles Howe

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