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November 20, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Toronto Ontario Canada'


MNN. Nov. 19, 2013. The current dispute at City Hall is about who has jurisdiction to run the Corporation of Toronto. It sits on unsurrendered Mohawk land. Toronto is Mohawk for“where there are trees standing in the water”, Ontario [O’nia’ta:rio] is Mohawk for “large wide water” and Canada [Ka’na:ta] is Mohawk for “community”. Under Wampum 44 of the Kaianerekowa/Great Law, land and resources issues are the responsibility of the Kahonti’tiokwa:nio, the Council of Women. 
"Welcome to A'te'ron:to. You need a Two Row Wampum visa to visit."
Haudenosaunee: “Visitors. Welcome to A’te’ron:to. Have you got your Guswentha?”

In 1701 we invited the settlers to live with us in peace perpetually on our land, according to the Guswentha, Two Row Wampum. They agreed. Then they tried to kill and assimilate us and steal our possessions. The law of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island, was totally ignored. When this agreement was breached, they became illegal invaders. 
Robe: "No Council of Women is going to tell me what to do!"
Rob: “No Council of Women is going to tell me what to do!”

The bankers illegally set up the Corporation of Canada under the foreign Admiralty Law of the Seas to keep what has been stolen from us. The whole system of corporate governance is artificial. They are guilty of theft, murder and genocide of us and even their own people.

Bankers designed this hierarchical system which gives power over others. In Toronto the fight is over who is at the top of the pyramid and controls our funds and resources. In this system the bankers only need to pay off one person at the top. Rob Ford is fighting to remain at the top of the pyramid.   
Bankers put this system in every incorporated country that is part of the UN to run pretend democracies and to know who to bribe.  
Rob to Jim Flaherty: "Stop crying. You got your mansion on Mohawk land!"
Rob to Jim Flaherty: “Stop crying. ‘You’ illegally parked your mansion on Mohawk land!”
The Council of Women have the duty to notify all settlers that as their proclamation supercedes all their rules and statutes, all their settlements, developments and permits violate the Proclamation and the Guswentha.  
Women united can bring peace.
Jim, some day you’ll have to answer to the Women’s Council for trespassing! 
Going back to the land is the only way to fix the confusion. The Council of Women in each community must interact with each other. Municipal level is the most important as the children are raised there.  
The Senate should be turned into the “Council of Women” and the House of Commons into the “Council of Men”, without a hierarchy, prime minister or president. Local grassroots councils deliberate and pass their decisions up to the Councils of Men and Women. Every voice is heard. Everyone is equal. Decisions are not based on 51%, which is corporatism, not democracy. Rob Ford is being kicked out of a 51% vote system based on in-your-face bribery and corruption.  
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