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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Navajo horse roundups for kill buyers continue: Tuba City

Cruel horse roundups in Tuba City on Thursday and Friday, horses going to kill buyers for slaughter house meat

By Leland Grass
Horse roundup in Kayenta area/Photo Leland Grass
Censored News

Tuba City Chapter House is opening the doors to The Cruelty Group, Navajo Nation Agriculture and Navajo Nation Resource Enforcement. 

Over the last three months many of the Dine' peoples horses have been taken from their corrals and also off their grazing area and land use. Not only did the people get hurt, but also the foals were left behind. The mothers in the roundup were taken off of the reservation for auction, and were sold, even to kill buyers who transport the horses down to Aquila Martinez, Vanderwagon, New Mexico, then on to Las Lunas, New Mexico, and off to the border of Texas/Mexico for sale to kill buyers. Then to Mexico for slaughter for meat. 

Call the Tuba City Chapter House and tell them to have the Navajo Nation Agriculture go back home. We don't want motorized dirt bikes and ATV's on our vegetation. And the Navajo Nation is not paying the volunteers, not even a dime. Again, tomorrow, Nov 14, and 15. 2013. The first day is going to be at Rare Metals and the next day is at Preston Mesa area. The Grazing Official's name is Angela Begay 928-283-3287, and the Chapter House number is 928-283-3284. Get the word out for horse owners and sacred horses.

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