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May 31, 2013

Israel-Mexico: Military Cooperation to Crush Zapatistas

Israel-Mexico: Military Cooperation to Crush Zapatistas Liberation Movement

By and • May 31, 2013 
Shared from Intercontinental Cry Magazine

Trained by Israel
According to declassified Defense Intelligence Agency documents [PDF] obtained via a freedom of information request, Israeli personnel were discreetly sent into Chiapas in response to the 1994 Zapatista uprising for the purpose of “providing training to Mexican military and police forces.”
The Mexican government also made use of the Arava aircraft to deploy its Airborne Special Forces Group (Grupo Aeromóvil de Fuerzas Especiales, or GAFE). GAFE commandos were themselves trained by Israel and the US. Several would later desert the GAFE and go on to create “Los Zetas,” currently Mexico’s most powerful and violent drug cartel (“Los Zetas and Mexico’s Transnational Drug War,” World Politics Review, 25 December 2009).
Mexico was surprised by the Zapatistas, who rose up the day the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect. The Mexican government found itself needing to respond to the dictates of foreign investors, as a famously-leaked Chase-Manhattan Bank memo revealed: “While Chiapas, in our opinion, does not pose a fundamental threat to Mexican political stability, it is perceived to be so by many in the investment community. The government will need to eliminate the Zapatistas to demonstrate their effective control of the national territory and of security policy.”
Linda Quiquivix is a critical geographer. She can be reached at
Jimmy Johnson is an organizer in Detroit. He can be reached at johnson [dot] jimmy [at] gmail [dot] com.

Mohawk John Kane on Native Radio Panel at Left Forum 2013 NY

John Kane


By Liz Hill
Posted at Censored News
(WASHINGTON, D.C., May 30, 2013) – Radio host John Kane of “Let’s Talk Native...with John Kane” will be a featured speaker on a panel discussion about Native radio at the Left Forum 2013 “Mobilizing for Ecological/Economic Transformation” Conference on June 7-9 at Pace University (1 Pace Plaza) in New York City. The panel, titled “Native/Indigenous Radio in Turtle Island (North America),” will take place Saturday, June 8, from 3:40 to 5:20 p.m.

“Indigenous media is less about forums for ‘crying foul’ over perceived injustices and more about offering a clear and intelligent perspective that challenges the conventional views that enable injustices,” says Kane. “Our job is not to be the the first or the last word on any subject.”

The panel, which will be moderated by Tiokasin Ghosthorse, host and executive producer of “First Voices Indigenous Radio” at WBAI-FM in New York City, will include K. Kehaulani Kauanui, host and producer of “Indigenous Politics: From Native New England and Beyond,” WESU-FM, Middletown, Conn.

“It's on us to make sure the conversations are happening and to turn up the volume on them,” says Kane. “Native people are not served by the mainstream media and we are certainly not served by stoic or reverent silence.”

A unique phenomenon in the U.S. and the world, Left Forum convenes the largest annual conference of a broad spectrum of left and progressive intellectuals, activists, academics, organizations and the interested public. Conference participants come together to engage a wide range of critical perspectives on the world, to discuss differences, commonalities, and alternatives to current predicaments, and to share ideas for understanding and transforming the world. The conference is held each year in New York City. This year’s featured speakers include political theorist, activist and MIT professor of linguistics Noam Chomsky and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone.

John Kane and Tiokasin Ghosthorse are joined by Debra White Plume, Lakota, and Janene Yazzie, Dine' at the Forum, read more:
For more conference information and to register, visit

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About John Kane
John Karhiio Kane is a Mohawk from Kahnawake. He lives on the Cattaraugus Territory of the Seneca Nation and has a direct connection to the people and territories of the Six Nations. Kane has been involved for most of his adult life in Native issues and, specifically, defending Native sovereignty. He was part of the First Nations Dialogue Team in the late 90s and worked extensively with the League of First Nations in battles with New York State over taxation.

Kane is a frequent guest and guest host of First Voices Indigenous Radio, which broadcasts from WBAI-FM (Pacifica) in New York City and has been a guest on The Nightwolf Show on WPFW-FM (Pacifica) in Washington, D.C., “The Martha Fast Horse Show” on KQRS-FM, KXXR-FM and WGVX-FM in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and “First Person Radio” with Laura Waterman Wittstock, on KFAI-FM in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

For three years, he has been host of "Let's Talk Native...with John Kane," which airs on WWKB-AM 1520 in Buffalo, New York and WQRS-FM 98.3 in Salamanca, New York. Kane’s strong voice on Native issues has earned him numerous invitations to appear on “The Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter,” an influential public radio program that broadcasts from the New York State Capitol in Albany and airs in 20 markets throughout the state. Arbetter has also featured John on her television news segments (“The Capitol Report”) that air during local news throughout the state. Kane is a frequent guest on WGRZ Buffalo Channel 2's (NBC) “2 Sides with Kristy Mazurek”; he is called upon as an expert commentator on Native issues.

Kane and "Let's Talk Native..." have been featured in Buffalo Spree Magazine and the ARTVOICE and have earned mention in The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. He participated in the UN's International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples program on August 9, 2012, in a program titled, "Indigenous Media: Empowering Indigenous Voices.” Kane's words to the assembly earned three rounds of applause and an unplanned reception line at the close of the program.

Kane takes pride in tackling the tough issues that face Native people and refuses to participate in the "buffalo speeches" that continue to dumb down Native culture and beliefs. He also writes the Native Pride blog, which can be found at His radio shows and appearances are posted on the blog with articles, quotes and links. Kane also has a page on the WWKB website at and a "Let's Talk Native...with John Kane" group page on Facebook. Kane is not afraid to be labeled a warrior but prefers to be considered a conversationalist and a teacher.

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Mohawk Nation News 'Inconvenient Indian'


MNN. May 30, 2013. Corporation of Canada Member, Rob Clarke, is trying to pass a corporate by-law to change the Indian Act. With the stroke of a pen Indians will be no more.
Clarke: "Gonna wipe 'em out with one swipe".
Rob Clarke: “Gonna wipe out dem Injuns with one swipe”.
The foreign corporation called “Canada” was created by the Law of the Seas. This company has been illegally placed on Great Turtle Island. It made a by-law called the “Indian Act” to rob and kill off the Indians and make it appear legal. Now Her Majesty’s subject from Saskatchewan, Rob Clarke, is changing this by-law to try to kill the survivors of the genocide. The desperate bankers need our ever growing $130 trillion Indian Trust Fund for war!war bill
Clarke said he consulted all 633 of their corporate injuns that control the Indigenous control grid. He asked, “Can we keep on raping your people and your land? We promise to make you rich. It’s better than nothing!” They said, “Sure!”
While everybody is being distracted by the corruption scandals in Ottawa and Toronto, Prime Minister Harper is getting his henchman to push through this WMD by-law. Harper said, “Clarke, get this through. I don’t care who you bribe. It’s all from the Indian Trust Fund anyway.”
Clarke says, “The original by-law is working against the corporation. It lets a few big mouths complain and make life complicated for us. This one will shut them up as we will take everything from them, their identity, lands and resources. Hee-haw! We finally get away with the genocide.”
Senate: "Ya-hoo! They'll be begging for our vote!"
The Senate: “Ya-hoo! They’ll be bribing for our votes!”
“We just have to read it one more time and okay it. Then, bingo, the senate rubberstamps it. Then the Indigenous people are no more. It’s all ours. As simple as that. Hee-haw!”
Clarke says he’s worried about our Indigenous economy. Then they should leave our tobacco business alone. Our economy will greatly improve if you liars and crooks went back to where you came from. Otherwise you are all going to that big jail near Attawapiskat for the rest of your lives. You’ll have to do your own laundry, try to grow food on poison ground and eat the garbage your fed to your victims in the Residential School Death Camps.Indians & Pilgrims
The world is onto Canada’s horribly bad act, and will be dealing directly with the true sovereigns soon. As Robbie Robertson sings; “In circles we gather Moonlight fires are kindled, Sending it back We just make it go back. Beating hearts, beating hearts
Come as one, come as one. This is Indian country, This is Indian country” Stomp Dance
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May 30, 2013

Texas landowner Eleanor Fairchild in Keystone XL erosion pit

Texas landowner Eleanor Fairchild, previously arrested with Daryl Hannah on Fairchild's east Texas farm,  in erosion pit created by construction of the southern Keystone XL on her land.

By Tarsands Blockade

Last fall, 78-year-old Eleanor was arrested for trespassing ON HER OWN LAND while standing in front of a bulldozer to stop the Keystone XL:

“It is just galling that there is a process you have to follow in matters like this, and TransCanada is just ignoring it,” said Julia Trigg Crawford, another Texas landowner impacted by the Keystone XL.
“They’re tearing up our land despite the appeal. Just because they’re a big corporation, they should not get to circumvent the legal process.”

For more about TransCanada's land grab:

Photo by Kathy DaSilva
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Scott Barta 'Why are We Here'

Why Are We Here
Ho Cank/DaNakota

As Two-Legged, we must strive to care for the temple of our heart, our physical body, the home of our Spark of Life from the Father Day Sun.
We love the Sacred Earth and the Sacred Water; we don't pollute but maintain and drink the pure Sacred Mother Water that is our Life Blood.
We respect the Sacred Animals and never harm them - our superiors. In the Natural World, there are no abnormal "fat, diabetic, skinny, unhealthy" Deer, Bison, Raccoons, or Beavers, and we learn to live our lives by watching and cherishing these sacred beings.
We give thanks to Grand Father Sky, and the male-female balance of Father Sun and Mother Moon; and to Grand Mother Earth, Father Rock and Mother Water, the Blue and the Green.
We always know where we are on Grand Mother Earth, the Six Directions of our daily lives; towards the Red Direction of the south where the Red Road crosses the the Sky to guide our good, Natural and Animal Ways each treasured day we have upon our Sacred Grand Mother.
To become the best grass food fertilizer we can be when our physical bodies expire so that the Deer, Elk, Antelope, and Bison Nations can eat well and become the future good, healthy food for our grandchildren and future generations of Two-Legged.
Scott Barta
Ho Cank/DaNakota

Mohawk Nation News 'Queen Mum'

mnnlogo1QUEEN MUM

MNN. May 29, 2013. The Queen, representing the Crown Corporation [13 bloodlines] in 1867, set up the Corporation of Canada for business purposes under the Law of the Seas. She said, “Look at these resources! Let’s do business. What about all those Indians. We’ll have to give them a cut, but we’ll control it.” The video at the end explains the Indian Trust Fund in more detail. queen mum
The Queen took 60% of the proceeds from extraction of our resources while placing 40% in a trust on our behalf. The trust existed since Queen Anne in 1701 and reconfirmed by the Royal Proclamation 1763. In 1867 the bankrupt provinces formed the CORPORATION OF CANADA. They appointed themselves as the trustee of the Indian Trust Fund which finances the entire corporation to this day. A Crown bank was set up that took in all our money. Her Majesty borrowed from it. Her Majesty’s military protects the treasury.
Law of the Seas. OCEANS ACT.
The Law of the Seas monetized everything, including the land and the people. It is trickery. The Law of the Seas was implemented on our land without our consent. It was a hostile corporate takeover of all the people in the entire realm [Commonwealth] which exists to this day. A business corporation was illegally set up inside our territory. Fraud was committed at the highest order. The laws of treason have to be applied for the theft and usurpation of our trust fund.
The invaders could never occupy, own land or take our resources without our permission. Her Majesty’s stores extracted, logged and traded. She started three more corporations inside our territory that cut down more trees, killed animals and tried to chase us away. In 1924 the Indian Advancement Act was enacted to create reservations for the Indians and turn over all the resource extraction business to the provinces.
Indigenous could issue passports as we had land, a language and culture. The Queen’s subjects could not. In 1967 the Corporation of Canada became a “pseudo” country and could issue passports even though they are not the natural people of Great Turtle Island.

child-labor-The subjects are owned by Queen Mum. A baby born in Canada is signed up as her property. She holds the deed or birth certificate, on each of them. They have a share in the commonwealth and defaults of the Queen. She can take the kids away and send them to war. Mom and dad work for the corporation. They get paid by Queen Mum to take care of her baby subjects through baby bonuses, tax credits, etc. Foreign corporation rules apply. At 18 years of age she absolves the parents for selling their children into slavery.
When the child goes to work for the corporation, they take their birth certificate from a foreign jurisdiction to get a Social Insurance Number SIN. A surety bond is needed with a first and last name in capital letters. A docking receipt verifying the Queen’s ownership of the baby is sent to the nearest post office. It is one of the main military posts owned by the Queen.
All credit comes from the Queen through Crown. No one can do business without the sanction of the foreign bank. No one can get a bank account in Canada without a social insurance number. Is this the mark of the beast?
ID theftOur land was never ceded. It is deemed to be held in trust for us. We are forced to register our children. Identity documents are created by the Queen’s deeds without our consent. We are forced to enter her trap under “duress”. We are allies, not subjects and we continue to be the titleholders. As the Beatles sing in their take on identity theft: “I am he, as you are her, as you are me, and we are all together. See how they run, like pigs from a gun. See how they fly. I’m crying.”I am the Walrus
Watch the video: Video explaining the Trust
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May 29, 2013

Navajos interviewed on Peabody's Coal's theft of 1.3 million artifacts

Mohawk Nation News 'Demonic Possession


MNN. May 28, 2013. More trouble brewing for the thugs of the Corporation of Canada. What happens when the CEO, officers and accomplices become openly evil? Ghost Busters can’t help? These fearful dictators are flanked by bodyguards. Despotism is called “democracy”. They donate Indigenous land and possessions to fellow foreigners in exchange for paper immortality and off-shore bank accounts. Laws are made to protect them.
Harper: "We've been exposed!"
Bankers: “Harper, you idiot! We’ve been exposed!”
These pall-bearer politicians tell their followers to wave flags to celebrate their loss of freedom. Questioners are threatened with arrest and torture. They are treated like idiots and criminals. Who voted these politicians in? The dearly departed? Many say they never voted for them. 
“Out to Lunch” signs go up to evade public discussions. They talk out of two sides of their mouths while their eyes roam elsewhere. 
The public is being treated like Indians! The politicians’ salaries double or triple while education, health and welfare benefits are cut. That’s how our ever-growing $120 trillion Indian Trust Fund got stolen. Remember, these invaders and their followers all came to Great Turtle Island with nothing! They have nothing they can take when they leave! 
derangedWhile these weakened dons and their henchmen sharpen their knives, honest civil servants join the unemployment lines. 
Deranged power operates on a gut level. To protect ourselves: As an anti-terrorist, carry an eagle feather, tobacco and sweet grass to stop assaults. Wear Indigenous clothing whenever possible. Never sign anything that compromises our heritage. Give thanks to Mother Earth daily. Put a leaning stick inside our doors to bring peace and harmony to our households. Only the traditionally condoled are “chiefs”. The tribal and band council ones are corporate garbage Injuns. These punks think treason turns them into hunks. They are ruptured rodents who will answer to the law of the land.  
Porter: "Hey, Stevie, whaddaya want?'
Porter: “Hey, Stevie, do you really want me back?”
Another corpulent crony of Prime Minister Harper has been caught in Panama. Dr. Arthur Porter diagnosed himself with inoperable cancer, was treating himself and could not return to Canada. Now he is returning in handcuffs. He allegedly stole over $22.5 million of Canadian taxpayers’ money from the SNC Lavalin construction of Montreal’s mega hospital. Harper had previously appointed him as his oversight head of corruption at CSIS, Canada Security and Intelligence Services. 
Always follow the money. Remind colonial legal systems we are a sovereign Indigenous nation. Do not fear these noisy infestants. Clean water wards off money-hungry, greedy political idolaters. They can be fought with real history and the law of Great Turtle Island, Kaia’nereh:kowa. Remind them of their weaknesses and greed. Watch out! They might get so mad they may release their pagan gods, their law enforcement goons. cop line
The medicines and our minds will oust them and set us free. Nothing less! Wish them the worst. May we never hear the words from their tongues again. May all their bank accounts go from “mega-bucks” to “nega-bucks”. As Michael Jackson sings in “Thriller“: “Cause this is thriller, Thriller at night. And no one’s gonna save you, From the beast about to strike.”

Porter story
Ford fiasco
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Restoring Sacred Sustainability, New York, June 7 -- 9, 2013

Debra White Plume of Owe Aku (Bring Back the Way) will be speaking at the Left Forum in New York City along with Tiokasin Ghosthorse and Janene Yazzie on SATURDAY JUNE 8TH from 5:30 pm to 7:00 p.m. at PACE UNIVERSITY - RM2614.

See our announcement in this email or at

Fee is $20 for a one day pass for low income folk but just so you know none of the collected money from the Left Forum goes to the organizations hosting this event.  If you would like to contribute to Owe Aku's work please visit and feel free to donate whatever amount you are comfortable with.  Our on-the-ground work to support an Indigenous paradigm through the protection of Mni Wakan (Sacred Water) and Ina Maka (Mother Earth) currently involves, amongst other things, blockade training to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline.  


Kent Lebsock
Owe Aku International Justice Project
Advocate for Lakota Treaties & Mother Earth

May 27, 2013

Mohawk Nation News 'Obesogen'


MNN. May 27, 2013. Big government and big business are one and the same in a true fascist state like Canada. Instead of stopping big companies like Monsanto and McDonalds from poisoning the people through gene manipulation, they are directly creating the obesity problem. “Obesogen” is a foreign chemical compound that disrupts normal development and balance of lipid metabolism.

May 26, 2013

Voice of Russia interview 'The Mohawk: Keepers of the Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island'

The Mohawk: Keepers of the Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island - interview

Download audio file

Many of the indigenous peoples of North America called the continent “Great Turtle Island.” A part of their advanced philosophy and culture included a complex and extremely developed constitution called the Great Path. The Mohawk were responsible for maintaining the peace and were the guardians of the Great Law which was supposed to bring peace not only to North America but to the entire world. Kahentinetha Horn spoke to John Robles about the history of the Mohawk, American Indian culture and beliefs and current issues of important to the indigenous people of “Great Turtle Island.” Please visit our website in the near future for a continuation of this very revealing interview.

This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Kahentinetha Horn she is Mohawk Indian Elder and a member of the Bear Clan. She is also the owner and publisher of the Mohawk News web-resource.
(Kahentinetha Horn, Bear Clan, Mohawk Nation, Kahnawake community on Great Turtle Island.)
Robles: Hello Kahentinetha! How are you this evening?
Kahentinetha: (Speaks Mohawk: "it is nice to speak with you. we have much to tell you about what we are doing on great turtle island. our great law of peace is the path to peace based on our understanding of the great natural power kasatstensera kowa sa oiera)
Robles: Can you translate that now for us?
Kahentinetha: Those are my greetings in Mohawk. And I introduced which is the Great Turtle Island, which is what we call North America; we never call it that, we call it “Great Turtle Island.”
People who live on Great Turtle Island are the (Speaks Mohawk) which means “the True Natural People of Great Turtle Island.”
And we follow: we have a developed constitution called which means the “Great Path”. And the Great Path is the great path to peace. Our philosophy is based on our understanding and our awareness of the natural world. That’s a little bit about us.
Robles: Okay. As all North American Indians, the basis of beliefs are: respect for nature and the Great Spirit. Can you tell us a little bit in particular about the Mohawk Nation and what you are doing to promote the issues that are important to the indigenous peoples?
Kahentinetha: The Mohawk, also known as (Kanien'gehaga), are the “Keepers of the Eastern Door of Great Turtle Island.” So, we are in the east and we were placed there by our (Speaks Mohawk) that’s the Great Natural Power. That’s where we were placed. And we were to watch for people who would be coming from the east. And so, that’s why we are called the Keepers of the Eastern Door.
We traversed throughout the eastern part of Great Turtle Island right from the north all the way down to the south. We traveled and we met all the other indigenous peoples, and we got to know each other. And we formed friendships and alliances that last to this day. There were hundreds and hundreds of indigenous nations.
The Mohawk had the responsibility to maintain the peace. We always feel that we have to do that because the Great Law which is our philosophy (Speaks Mohawk) we were the first ones to take it, to accept it. And because we were the first ones to do that, we have always been responsible for maintaining it and to maintain the peace which is what the Great Law is all about.
The Great Law of Peace is to bring peace not just to the Great Turtle Island but throughout the world. That’s why that law was given to our people. The Mohawk have this very… you know. We feel it! Right inside ourselves.
We are the eagle that sits on top of the Tree of Peace and we look out to see any danger that is coming towards us. And we give a warning, a loud scream to the people. That’s how the Mohawk Nation News came into existence.
I was raised as … I only spoke Mohawk until I was about 10 years old.
Robles: Wonderful!
Kahentinetha: Then, I had to learn to speak English. So, then, in 1990 we were defending the land. The women are what we call the “Title Holders of the Land” because we are tired to the land and we are the creators, and we hold the land for the future generations that are not here yet.
The women are the ones that have the children, that bear the children and the men have the duty of protecting the women and the children along with all their other duties. They imitate the responsibilities of the Sun; to provide heat, provide warmth, provide protection, help provide food and to teach the children, all these things to be our diplomats, our teachers, to travel and meet other native people.
The women: our responsibilities come from whatever the Earth does, which is to create the children, to help create the food, to feed the children, to raise them, to help them to become advocates of the Great Law of Peace. There is a male and female balance, not male or patriarchal or matriarchal, there is a balance between the male and the female.
Robles: In most tribes the women chose the leaders because they knew the character of the children. Is that also true with the Mohawks?
Kahentinetha: Yes. Well the people because each one of us has a “Fire,” we have the individual fire of ourselves which is what inside of us; it is our intuition, our minds, our energy, that’s called the “Fire of Life.” And we have the “Fire of the Family” which is people close to us, then the extended family and then the community, then the clan and then that extends into the nation, and that extends to the confederacy that we formed.
So, all these relationships are connected, all circular and in the very center is myself, for example. I’m in the center, all of these other circles around me, these are all my connections. So, my responsibility is immediately to my own children.
When a clan selects somebody to become a leader, or to represent us or to be a spokesman…we don’t have leaders, there is no such thing as a leader because we are equal, we are all equal and we all have a voice. So, what happens is that both the men and the women “the People” have a Fire, the women’s Fire and the men’s Fire, and the men and the women have a combined Fire, we come together and we will make a selection of somebody to speak for us, we don’t call them leaders, we call them spokespeople.
And so the spokesperson represents us for the day only, just for that day. And the women will tell the chiefs and they will say: “This is the person we’ve selected and that is the person that will speak for us for the day.” So, that’s very different from the kind of situation that you people have, you now. (laughs)
Robles: Sure! As I understand Western democracies were based on Indian law and Indian relationships between nations and tribes, and clans. In Europe they had monarchies, there was no such concept as democracy.
Kahentinetha: No, they didn’t. And they still don’t understand true democracy.
You were listening to an interview with Kahentinetha Horn – she is a member of the Mohawk Nation, the Bear Clan, and the owner and publisher of You can find part 2 of this interview on our website at

Mohawk Nation News 'Poor House'


MNN. May 25, 2013. Canada’s Prime Minister Harper admits his corporate government should fall. Before he became the new CEO of the Corporation of Canada, he condemned the liberals and demanded the Prime Minister’s resignation over a less corrupt scandal than the one he is dealing with now. Senators oversee the officers of the government on behalf of the shareholders, draft bills and report to the bankers. As the leader of the bankers’ hierarchical system, Harper has to fall on his sword over the exposure of this corruption, “If he has one moral bone in his body”. His “bagman”, Nigel Wright, was ordered, “I told you to discretely take care of that Duffy swindle, you embecile! Now I might have to resign!”
Poor House is that way.
Poor House is that way.
Where will these sewer rats go? If they’re lucky, some will be taking that long walk up the hill to the poor house where a ride home to the Old Country awaits them! The rest will be left behind to live in third world conditions in mold infested, shoddy constructed, e-coli-contaminated shacks that were left behind by the Indigenous people. Inspectors will make sure their houses are built to indecent unlivable standards. You’re going to the new reservation built just for you and your crew near Attawapiskat, Harper. Our third party managers will take care of you. You’ll wish you were sitting in a rotten jail across the sea in the Fatherland, for as long as the grass grows, the rivers flow and the sun rises in the east. 
Our third party managers!
Our third party managers!
You invaders came here with nothing. Your cohorts that are complicit in the brutality against us will be joining you on the new reservations. Your banker buddies will return every cent of our ever-growing $115 trillion Indian Trust Fund and be joining you on the reservations. With our money; you built yourselves the stately Parliament Buildings, homes, railroads and all the infrastructure, which are crumbling. The system based on bribery and corruption is broken. Auditor Deloitte was sent in to balance the books so the whole rotting system could continue and the public would turn a blind eye to the problem. 
smoke signal biggerHarper is in a hurry to get his corporate tribal and band council Injuns to sign over everything to him. He is giving them more power and money to make our living conditions worse to drive us into submission. They have become rich and experts at carrying out the genocide for their masters.  Our houses will be condemned so we have to be removed. Not for the sake of our health, but for the minerals and other wealth underneath.   
The “left behinds” could follow the Great Law of Peace and come to one mind with us. As Five Finger Death Punch sings: “Politicians, bathing in their greed. No idea on how to be all they can be. Have you no honor? Have you no soul? What is it they’re dying for? Do you really even know? Have you no backbone? Have you no spine? Whatever happened to “No one gets left behind”?” No one gets left behind
Harper on Corruption
Canada on Iran TV
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May 25, 2013

Activist arrested prior to press conference regarding Whiteclay abuses

Activist Arrested Prior to Press Conference Regarding Whiteclay Abuses

DGR News Service
Posted at Censored News

LINCOLN, Nebraska (May 24, 2013) – Activist T.R. McKenzie was arrested this morning prior to his scheduled appearance at a press conference at the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission. McKenzie was planning to speak about the most recent in a long history of documented code violations and human rights abuses committed by alcohol sellers in Whiteclay, Nebraska.
McKenzie was held for six hours at the Lancaster County Jail on charges of theft, criminal mischief, third degree assault, and terroristic threats, none of which have been documented or substantiated. He was released on bond the same day as his arrest. This arrest comes in the wake of several weeks of protests and encampments on the outskirts of Whiteclay.
“Most of those sleeping at the protest camp are women and children,” McKenzie said shortly after his release. “We are all working to draw attention to the devastation caused to the Lakota people by the sale of alcohol in Whiteclay.”
Whiteclay has a population of 14, yet 4 liquor stores in the town sell 12,500 cans of beer each day. It has been documented that the stores sell to bootleggers, intoxicated people, and minors, as well as routinely trade beer for sexual favors. The tiny, unincorporated town lies less than 300 feet from the border of the Pine Ridge Reservation, where the sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
Arrested for Fighting Oppression
McKenzie has participated in a variety of protests against the activities of Whiteclay’s bar owners and alcohol distributors over the last year, most recently participating in a protest camp near Whiteclay on the Pine Ridge side of the border, named the “Zero Tolerance Camp” by its supporters.
Earlier today, McKenzie was placed under arrest by two “plain-clothes” officers who followed him into a public restroom upon his arrival at the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission building in Lincoln.  Opposition to the activities of Whiteclay’s bar owners has been long-standing, but over the past few weeks, protest activity has seen a distinct increase following recent allegations that a bar owner by the name of Jason Schwarting provided individuals with baseball bats and instructed them intimidate and physically attack women at the Zero Tolerance Camp.  McKenzie had been scheduled to read a statement at the press conference which included his testimony about this incident.
McKenzie’s court date has been set for June 6th, 2013.
For more information about human rights abuses in Whiteclay, visit




Par Deep Green Resistance News Service
TR McKenzie of DGR Great Plains Arrested
Publié par Censored News
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24 mai 2013

LINCOLN, Nebraska – L’activiste T.R. McKenzie a été arrêté ce matin avant son intervention prévue à une conférence de presse à la Commission de Contrôle de l’Alcool du Nebraska. McKenzie avait l’intention de parler des délits et des violations des droits de l’homme les plus récents dans la longue histoire des vendeurs d’alcool de Whiteclay, Nebraska.
McKenzie a été retenu pendant six heures à la prison du Comté de Lancaster sous les accusations de vol, d’agissement criminel, agression de troisième degré et menaces terroristes, accusations qui n’ont été ni étayées par des documents ni prouvées. Il a été libéré sous caution le jour même de son arrestation. Cette arrestation a eu lieu dans le cadre des manifestations et des camps de protestation autour de Whiteclay.
« La plupart de ceux qui passent la nuit dans le camp de protestation sont des femmes et des enfants » dit McKenzie peu après sa libération. « Nous nous efforçons tous d’attirer l’attention sur les effets dévastateurs pour les Lakota de la vente d’alcool à Whiteclay ».
Whiteclay compte 14 habitants mais 4 commerces d’alcool qui vendent 12500 canettes de bière par jour. Il a été constaté que ces commerces vendent à des trafiquants, des alcooliques et des mineurs et ont pour habitude d’échanger de la bière contre des faveurs sexuelles. La petite localité, qui ne dépend pas d’une commune, se trouve à moins de 100 mètres de la limite de la Réserve de Pine Ridge où la vente et la consommation d’alcool sont interdites.
McKenzie a participé à toutes sortes d’actions de protestation contre les activités des tenanciers de bars et vendeurs d’alcool de Whiteclay au cours de l’année passée, la plus récente étant sa participation à un camp proche de Whiteclay, du côté de la frontière situé sur le territoire de Pine Ridge, et baptisé « Le Camp de la Tolérance Zéro » par ses partisans.
Ce matin, McKenzie a été arrêté par deux policiers « en civil » qui l’ont suivi dans des toilettes publiques à son arrivée au bâtiment de la Commission de Contrôle de l’Alcool du Nebraska, à Lincoln.
L’opposition aux activités des tenanciers de bars de Whiteclay existe depuis longtemps, mais dans les dernières semaines, elle s’est intensifiée suite aux récentes allégations selon lesquelles un patron de bar nommé Jason Schwarting aurait fourni des battes de baseball à certains individus auxquels il aurait donné l’ordre d’intimider et d’attaquer physiquement les femmes du Camp de la Tolérance Zéro. McKenzie devait lire une déclaration, avec son témoignage sur cet incident, au cours de la conférence de presse.
McKenzie doit comparaître au tribunal le 6 juin 2013.

Pour plus d’informations sur les violations des droits de l’homme à Whiteclay, voir :


Mohawk Nation News 'TEWARATON'


May 25, 2013


MNN. May 25, 2013. Lacrosse [TEWARATON] was created before the people arrived on Mother Earth. The first game was played between the winged ones and the four-legged ones. In the end the winged ones won because they understood that every mind is important to the whole, no matter how small. When a final decision in the consensus process is at a stalemate, Tewaraton, the game of creation, is played to resolve the issue and replace war.     

May 24, 2013

Activist arrested delivering complaint on White Clay liquor stores

Deep Green Resistance activist T.R. McKenzie arrested, while delivering this complaint on White Clay liquor stores bordering Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Update: Deep Green Resistance press statement:

Jefferson, South Dakota
May 24, 2013
Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
Robert Batt, Chairman
301 Centennial Mall South
P.O. Box 95046
Lincoln, NE 68509-5046

Dear Commissioner Batt:
I am very concerned by what I witnessed last week in White Clay, Nebraska.
It occurred outside the Arrowhead Inn, one of four stores in that tiny village
licensed by the State of Nebraska to sell beer to the Oglala Lakota of the Pine
Ridge Indian Reservation. For about three weeks now, a group of people, led by
two Lakota women, have been camped on the Pine Ridge at the White Clay border.
Most of those sleeping at the camp are women and children. Their purpose is to
draw attention to the devastation caused to the Lakota people by the sale of alcohol
in White Clay.
On Wednesday, May 15, 2013, I saw Jason Schwarting, the owner of the
Arrowhead Inn, and his employee (who I believe is named “J.T.”) hand two
baseball bats and a long club-like stick to one of the men who frequents the streets
of White Clay, a man named Stanley Flying Hawk. Mr. Flying Hawk then gave
these weapons to other men from the streets of White Clay, one of whom goes by
the name “Reggi.”
Mr. Schwarting handed out these weapons after two young women from the
camp walked to Arrowhead Foods grocery store to purchase sodas. I was standing
just south of the “Welcome to Nebraska” sign. I heard Mr. Schwarting tell Mr.
Flying Hawk and the other men with bats to “get them.” He told them to “kick
their fucking asses.”


Others who saw Mr. Schwarting arm the men and heard him tell them to hurt
the women ran to the grocery store to protect them. They walked back to the camp
with the women to shield them from danger. The men with the bats followed the
women and their protectors back to the camp. Mr. Schwarting stood at the door of
his business and continued to egg on the men who were wielding the bats. I believe
that Mr. Schwarting intended to scare the people in the camp and to do them actual
physical harm.
I have serious concerns for the safety of the women and children at the camp
based on what I have personally witnessed. Please ask the Nebraska State Patrol to
investigate Mr. Schwarting's actions.
The following photograph of the men in White Clay carrying bats as they
followed the women back to the camp was posted to a Facebook page called White
KKKlay Happening. The man with the bat leading the group is Stanley Flying
T.R. McKenzie

RT: 'Environmental genocide' Native Americans quit talks over Keystone XL pipeline

‘Environmental genocide’: Native Americans quit talks over Keystone XL pipeline

People opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline gather in prayer in Fullerton, Nebraska (AFP Photo / Guillaume Mayer)
Leaders from 11 Native American tribes stormed out of a meeting with US federal officials in Rapid City, South Dakota, to protest the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which they say will lead to ‘environmental genocide.’
Native Americans are opposed to the 1,179-mile (1,897km) Keystone XL project - a system to transport tar sands oil from Canada and the northern United States to refineries in Texas - for various reasons, including potential irreversible damage to sacred sites, pollution, and water contamination.
Although the planned pipeline would not pass directly through any Native American reservation, tribes in proximity to the proposed system say it will violate their traditional lands and that the environmental risks of the project are simply too great.

Arizona police stalking activists: Chilling effect on human rights

Report author Beau Hodai: Chilling effects of US police spying

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

TUCSON – While violent crime soared in southern Arizona and the economy was collapsing, police were spending enormous amounts of time and money to spy on human rights activists, primarily by stalking them on Facebook and placing an undercover police officer in Occupy Phoenix, a new report reveals.
Phoenix based law enforcement were the pivot point of this circle focused on spying on human rights activists in southern Arizona. The Tohono O’odham Police and Tucson Police were among those tracking Native American human rights activists, including Navajos and Tohono O’odham. Read more:
The facts and documents were exposed when DBA Press and the Center for Media and Democracy released the results of a year-long investigation: "Dissent or Terror: How the Nation's Counter Terrorism Apparatus, In Partnership With Corporate America, Turned on Occupy Wall Street.”
Beau Hodai, author of the report, told Censored News, "The most shocking thing to me was the depth of intelligence sharing between publicly-funded 'counter terrorism' personnel and private corporations, banks and ALEC. I suspected that this had occurred, but I did not realize how intensive these public-private relationships were. I certainly did not anticipate that, as records show, intelligence gathered by an undercover officer who had infiltrated Phoenix activist groups was most likely being shared with these private interests."

Anishinabe Terrance Nelson: White privilege and tabloid journalism

Anishinabe Terrance Nelson: White privilege and tabloid journalism

By Terrance Nelson
First Nation Roseau River Anishinabe 
May 24, 2013
Terrance Nelson's response to article 'Beyond the Pale,' by Charlotte Allen, in Weekly Standard:
Charlotte, your Geography is wrong. The Gateway pipeline is not in Alaska, it is in Canada. The speech I delivered to the White Privilege Conference was one hour long. Your article reduces my speech to one paragraph. As dismissive as your comments maybe at least you acknowledge that I received standing ovations.
The Weekly Standard is not much of a Standard if it allows tabloid journalism. Serious journalists check their facts even in Opinion pieces.
To dismiss the over 600 murdered and missing indigenous women in Canada or to dismiss the environmental devastation in the Tarsands of Alberta is denying the American public the truth.
Canadians purchased $2.5 Trillion worth of American exports in the last ten years.
Perhaps, you missed that fact in my speech. The WPC people are allowing Americans to hear a view that is not normally heard in the United States.
My speech was video taped. The Weekly Standard needs to publish a retraction on some of your incorrect facts.
Canada sends the United States over 2 times more oil than Saudi Arabia and hydro electric generating dams in northern Quebec power up 120 million Americans on the eastern seaboard. I would think that more Americans need to hear about issues in Canada. The Cree in Quebec and the Cree in Alberta who send you electricity and oil have issues with the government of Canada that could impact trade. To be dismissive of those concerns is your right, the WPC organizers however are not so dismissive and are taking their responsibility to be informed seriously.
Perhaps the Weekly Standard could do the public a favor by giving others the opportunity to counter your biased article.
Terrance Nelson

Haudenosaunee statement on tribal councils

Greetings from the Chiefs, Clanmothers, Faithkeepers, and people of the Haudenosaunee Six Nations Confederacy, People of the Longhouse.
The Grand Council of Chiefs would like to take this time to remind its citizens of the Haudenosaunee position on imposed elected Band and Tribal councils and our proposed remedy to standardize governance within the domain of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.
From the moment elected councils were imposed in our communities, its primary intent was to abolish the strength and national character of our traditional governments and to assist in the enfranchisement and assimilation of the Haudenosaunee into the national fabric of both Canada and the United States. It has since been the position of the Haudenosaunee that elected councils imposed by either Canada or the United States, exist outside the Circle Wampum. No one person or nation can bring into the Circle another form of governance without the full expressed acceptance of the Grand Council.
The Circle Wampum makes the line between traditional councils and elected councils clear and distinct; the traditional councils are the original governments of the Haudenosaunee communities/nations handling national affairs, while the elected councils are imposed systems of the Indian Act in Canada and Federal Indian Law in the United States for the administration of colonial policies in each community. Within recent years however, these elected councils have begun commandeering the distinct symbols, philosophies, and national character of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy–thus misrepresenting themselves to external agencies and the limiting the significance of the Haudenosaunee as an original Indigenous system of governance.
Whether it is reference to the Two Row Wampum, treaties, nation-to-nation relationships, or the subtle implication that these elected councils are somehow synonymous with the Haudenosaunee Confederacy or the Traditional Councils; this ambiguity has now perpetuated a false impression and confusion both externally and internally that elected councils are actually a part of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.
Most recently, these elected councils have endeavoured into the international arena, a domain populated by nations and states, through a formal entity called the Iroquois Caucus, National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), and The United Southern and Eastern Tribes (USET). Since 1977, the Haudenosaunee have pioneered the indigenous presence at the United Nations and other international venues, leading towards the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; a presence the Iroquois Caucus, NCAI, and USET endeavours to supplant by perpetuating itself as the legitimate voice of our communities internationally and will act in the interest of their colonial masters Canada and the United States.
The Grand Council of Chiefs feels that it can no longer remain acquiescent on this matter and must insist that the appropriation of the Haudenosaunee national character cease. Furthermore, the Grand Council of Chiefs must relay to its neighbours that the Iroquois Caucus and its tributary elected councils, along with both the NCAI and USET, do not represent the Haudenosaunee or it’s member nations. While the Grand Council of Chiefs feels that it must be firm on this matter, our council reminds elected councils of the Haudenosaunee remedy to standardize governance in our communities under the Kaianere’ko:wa (Great Law of Peace).
In 1991, the Haudenosaunee Chiefs outlined its prerequisites to begin meaningful dialogue on how we can all live by the principles and laws of the Kaianere’ko:wa, within the Longhouse of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. At that time, Haudenosaunee Chiefs asked the elected councils to respect and recognize its authority over eight political areas it historically claims jurisdiction over. While we understand that at this time Canada and the United States only recognize the legitimacy of elected councils, we feel this will never change so long as our own people wilfully accept this colonial imposition. The Grand Council of Chiefs remains steadfast to this necessary show of good faith and is prepared to begin the necessary work to help decolonize the political structures in each of our communities.
This issue is challenging in many ways because of the personal impact this has on individuals who have a heartfelt connection to the Haudenosaunee and wish to express it in ways that they think is helpful. What is not realized is that by representing the Haudenosaunee within colonial constructs it furthers the colonial agenda of Canada and United States. The elective systems are foreign entities that are colonizing the culture by misappropriation. Placing our teachings, laws, and symbols within the colonial construct of the elective band council system is morphing decolonization into a meaningless apparition of cultural revitalization and transformation.
The Kaianere’ko:wa is based upon inclusivity, peaceful coexistence, and strength through unity ­ bound by laws that ensure a democratic and consensual decision-making process. The Grand Council of Chiefs makes no judgments of the moral character or sincerity of those individuals who currently serve as elected councillors, but we do encourage them to bring their gifts, skills, and dedication back into the canoe and take shelter beneath the Great Tree of Peace. Bound together by the good tidings of peace and power, we can be stronger than ever.
Chief Sidney Hill, Tadodaho, Onondaga Indian Nation