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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Texas landowner Eleanor Fairchild in Keystone XL erosion pit

Texas landowner Eleanor Fairchild, previously arrested with Daryl Hannah on Fairchild's east Texas farm,  in erosion pit created by construction of the southern Keystone XL on her land.

By Tarsands Blockade

Last fall, 78-year-old Eleanor was arrested for trespassing ON HER OWN LAND while standing in front of a bulldozer to stop the Keystone XL:

“It is just galling that there is a process you have to follow in matters like this, and TransCanada is just ignoring it,” said Julia Trigg Crawford, another Texas landowner impacted by the Keystone XL.
“They’re tearing up our land despite the appeal. Just because they’re a big corporation, they should not get to circumvent the legal process.”

For more about TransCanada's land grab:

Photo by Kathy DaSilva
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Scott Barta 'Why are We Here'

Why Are We Here
Ho Cank/DaNakota

As Two-Legged, we must strive to care for the temple of our heart, our physical body, the home of our Spark of Life from the Father Day Sun.
We love the Sacred Earth and the Sacred Water; we don't pollute but maintain and drink the pure Sacred Mother Water that is our Life Blood.
We respect the Sacred Animals and never harm them - our superiors. In the Natural World, there are no abnormal "fat, diabetic, skinny, unhealthy" Deer, Bison, Raccoons, or Beavers, and we learn to live our lives by watching and cherishing these sacred beings.
We give thanks to Grand Father Sky, and the male-female balance of Father Sun and Mother Moon; and to Grand Mother Earth, Father Rock and Mother Water, the Blue and the Green.
We always know where we are on Grand Mother Earth, the Six Directions of our daily lives; towards the Red Direction of the south where the Red Road crosses the the Sky to guide our good, Natural and Animal Ways each treasured day we have upon our Sacred Grand Mother.
To become the best grass food fertilizer we can be when our physical bodies expire so that the Deer, Elk, Antelope, and Bison Nations can eat well and become the future good, healthy food for our grandchildren and future generations of Two-Legged.
Scott Barta
Ho Cank/DaNakota

Mohawk Nation News 'Queen Mum'

mnnlogo1QUEEN MUM

MNN. May 29, 2013. The Queen, representing the Crown Corporation [13 bloodlines] in 1867, set up the Corporation of Canada for business purposes under the Law of the Seas. She said, “Look at these resources! Let’s do business. What about all those Indians. We’ll have to give them a cut, but we’ll control it.” The video at the end explains the Indian Trust Fund in more detail. queen mum
The Queen took 60% of the proceeds from extraction of our resources while placing 40% in a trust on our behalf. The trust existed since Queen Anne in 1701 and reconfirmed by the Royal Proclamation 1763. In 1867 the bankrupt provinces formed the CORPORATION OF CANADA. They appointed themselves as the trustee of the Indian Trust Fund which finances the entire corporation to this day. A Crown bank was set up that took in all our money. Her Majesty borrowed from it. Her Majesty’s military protects the treasury.
Law of the Seas. OCEANS ACT.
The Law of the Seas monetized everything, including the land and the people. It is trickery. The Law of the Seas was implemented on our land without our consent. It was a hostile corporate takeover of all the people in the entire realm [Commonwealth] which exists to this day. A business corporation was illegally set up inside our territory. Fraud was committed at the highest order. The laws of treason have to be applied for the theft and usurpation of our trust fund.
The invaders could never occupy, own land or take our resources without our permission. Her Majesty’s stores extracted, logged and traded. She started three more corporations inside our territory that cut down more trees, killed animals and tried to chase us away. In 1924 the Indian Advancement Act was enacted to create reservations for the Indians and turn over all the resource extraction business to the provinces.
Indigenous could issue passports as we had land, a language and culture. The Queen’s subjects could not. In 1967 the Corporation of Canada became a “pseudo” country and could issue passports even though they are not the natural people of Great Turtle Island.

child-labor-The subjects are owned by Queen Mum. A baby born in Canada is signed up as her property. She holds the deed or birth certificate, on each of them. They have a share in the commonwealth and defaults of the Queen. She can take the kids away and send them to war. Mom and dad work for the corporation. They get paid by Queen Mum to take care of her baby subjects through baby bonuses, tax credits, etc. Foreign corporation rules apply. At 18 years of age she absolves the parents for selling their children into slavery.
When the child goes to work for the corporation, they take their birth certificate from a foreign jurisdiction to get a Social Insurance Number SIN. A surety bond is needed with a first and last name in capital letters. A docking receipt verifying the Queen’s ownership of the baby is sent to the nearest post office. It is one of the main military posts owned by the Queen.
All credit comes from the Queen through Crown. No one can do business without the sanction of the foreign bank. No one can get a bank account in Canada without a social insurance number. Is this the mark of the beast?
ID theftOur land was never ceded. It is deemed to be held in trust for us. We are forced to register our children. Identity documents are created by the Queen’s deeds without our consent. We are forced to enter her trap under “duress”. We are allies, not subjects and we continue to be the titleholders. As the Beatles sing in their take on identity theft: “I am he, as you are her, as you are me, and we are all together. See how they run, like pigs from a gun. See how they fly. I’m crying.”I am the Walrus
Watch the video: Video explaining the Trust
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