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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dine' Ed Becenti: Ask not what your Navajo Nation can do for you


Ask not what your Navajo Nation can do for you

By Ed Becenti, Dine'
Letter to the Editor
Censored News
With the death this week of Nelson Mandela, we thought of people like him and John F. Kennedy who really cared about their countries.  Kennedy’s quote “Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country” is an all-time favorite.
Council Speaker Johnny Naize is facing multiple counts of bribery, and one of conspiracy, relating to the Council’s infamous “slush fund.”  There are also “the usual council delegate suspects” and various others mixed up in this mess according to a recent news release.
We have two cultures here; the Navajo culture and the corruption culture.  The second reaches beyond the Council, to places like the Office of the President. We already know about the deal former delegate Ben Shelly (now President) struck with prosecutors and the court on the same type of slush fund activity.

Mohawk John Kane 'There is no victory for us in U.S. or Canadian Courts'

There is no victory for us in U.S. or Canadian Courts
By John Karhiio Kane (Mohawk)
The embarrassing failure of the U.S. prosecutor in the Three Feathers Casino trial is not a win. It's not even a draw! Surviving the persecution and prosecution of their law enforcement agents, lawyers, judges and juries is a good thing, but it is not justice. It is not justice when someone jams a stick in each of your eyes and his system forces him to pull one out.

Mohawk Nation News "Great Peace on Earth!'


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Mohawk Nation News 'Shut the F--- Up about Ford!'



MNN. DEC. 15, 2013. The recent uproar in Prime Minister Harper’s caucus when the Finance Minister swore at Jason Kenny, “To shut the f— up about Rob Ford”, has Mohawk origins. “Flaherty’s profane rebuke to Kenny’s Rob Ford comments.”

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