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Friday, November 21, 2014

Mohawk Nation News 'The New Indians'



Mohawk Nation News
Please post and distribute. Nia:wen.
MNN. Nov. 21, 2014. Prime Minister Harper’s anti-terror bill has created the new INDIANS who are Canadians that stand by the Ongwehonwe and the laws of creation. War has been declared to desecrate our land. Like the ongwehonwe, the natural people of Onowaregeh, they are being brutally beaten and arrested under corporate by-laws by corporate police for protesting the Kinder Morgan pipeline at Burnaby Mountain in British Columbia.
Those holding INDIAN cards have unknowingly signed under duress onto the corporate genocide program established for the INDIANS according to CROWN/Admiralty law. We are given corporate band and tribal enrolment numbers. The fictitious name INDIAN describes us in their corporate structure to force us into their Admiralty law structure. Admiralty court is for banks and corporations, always about money. They have turned us all into corporations through the issuance of birth certificates and all identification, always in capital letters to signify a corporation. that law is called” Capitus Dimunitio Maxima”. If we use the artificial name in their court, we have given them jurisdiction over us as people. Their summons is an invitation to attend their place of business. That is all! If you go, you have joined onto their system. Our allies on Burnaby Mountain should make no plea in Admiralty Court because they are following the law of the land under its protection.
Leave now, or we're going to start singing!
You can catch the black wampum before it hits the ground!
All the English, French and Spanish names used to describe us are all legal fiction. INDIAN band and tribal councillors are not Ongwehonwe. They have willingly joined the CROWN to assist in the genocide of their own people. Under the Great Peace they are treasonous. It is against Admiralty law and our ongwehonwe law to have one foot in the canoe and the other in the invader’s boat.
INDIANS represent the artificial corporate entity. We Ongwehonwe are not INDIANS-ABORIGINAL-INDIGENOUS-METIS-AUTOCHTONE-NATIVES or any other non-Ongwehone word invented to describe us.
The Lakota traditional council recently dealt with their artificial INDIANS by kicking them and their slimy TransCanada Pipeline cohorts out of the meeting. See the video below that shows them fleeing the Lakota meeting. The Lakota made a declaration of war against Canada and US over the pipeline. They said, “The next Indian war starts now!” Any Ongwehonwe and our allies who are illegally apprehended are Prisoners of War.
The allies supporting the Ongwehonwe at Burnaby Mountain B.C. are enforcing the law of the land. They are not acting under CROWN/Admiralty jurisdiction. When they are arrested and go to court, they are our allies who are under the protection of the Great Peace.
We're not letting you destroy ongwehonwe land.
We won’t let you destroy ongwehonwe land.
Under the Great Peace these people have a duty to defend Mother Earth now and for the future generations.The pipeline gestapo have their orders from the bankers to attack the new INDIANS; hit them hard; drag them around; tie them up like rag dolls; brutally intimidate them; humiliate them publicly; throw them in jail; threaten them; and jail them for as long as possible. Stand and guard the work crews on every inch of the pipeline, just like the cross-Canada railway that was finished in 1867. The front car had the heavily armed killing machine, gatling guns, cannons and every weapon of war available in front of the construction crew. It was a military operation to kill the Ongwehonwe resisters who are mandated to protect the earth.
As the immortal Johnny Cash laments: “Will they think i’m white, or Indian quarter blood, or just half-breed. Let me tell you, Mr. Teacher, when you say you’ll make me right, in 500 years of fighting, not one Indian turned white. And there are drums …”
For your aches and pains, go to the:
Watch Lakota remove Transcanada pipeline henchmen:
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Ecuador to Host Indigenous Conference in 2016

By Telesur
Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa announced on Saturday that his country will host the Latin American Conference of Ancestral Peoples in 2016, an event that aims to revive the voice of indigenous peoples.
"The goal is to relaunch the discourse of our ancestral peoples, which is falling into cliches, which in the case of Ecuador, the vast majority of indigenous support us, but some leadership, and some historical groups, have let themselves be dominated by childish leftists, by troublemakers", said Correa.
The president said the idea of doing this important conference came during a meeting yesterday in the country's capital Quito, with Guatemalan Nobel Laureate and indigenous activist, Rigoberta Menchu.
The event, which will be coordinated with the Rigoberta Menchu Tum Foundation and sponsored by the Nobel Institute, will advocate for respecting and recognizing the human rights of indigenous peoples. The conference will also discuss importantissues like the indigenous justicecollective rights of native peoples and the concept of “plurinationality.

LIVESTREAM American Indian Movement live in San Francisco

American Indian Movement fights racist images, exposes US sterilization of Native women and theft of Indian water rights

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Photo Sweet Medicine all women's drum group at AIM West
SAN FRANCISCO -- The American Indian Movement's annual west coast conference began Friday with AIM cofounder Clyde Bellecourt and Bill Means, Lakota, describing how sports mascots are a continuation of the genocide in the United States.
The AIM West Conference is being broadcast live by Earthcycles and Censored News again today, Saturday, the second and final day of speakers.

US Congressmen Michael Honda issued a statement of support for Native people protesting racist sports mascots and the Washington team, see below.
Jean Whitehorse, Dine', described the abuse by the United States in her younger years, in boarding schools and relocation to an urban area. The final assault was when she was sterilized without her knowledge by Indian Health Service after returning home to the Navajo Nation. Jean, present at the Occupation of Alcatraz, was one of many Native American women sterilized by the US government.
William Underbaggage, Lakota, spoke on the fight against the tarsands and the Keystone XL pipeline which is threatening the Ogallala Aquifer and the Lakota region's water supply. William created the Indigenous Nations Network, as an alternative to the current Indian country national news, which relies on plagiarism, deception, fraud and profiteering.
Lori Riddle, O'odham from Gila River in Arizona, told how she grew up on a Superfund site, and the sicknesses that her family suffered because of it. Today, Lori is fighting Loop 202 to protect the O'odham's sacred mountain and fighting against fracking. She described how the corn has become mutated from GMOs.
Wesley Elliott, Tuscarora, Iroquois Confederacy, spoke on the need for real action to halt the ongoing genocide against Native people. Wesley urged more support for the Winnemem Wintu and acknowledged the Ohlone, the first people on this land where we are.
Raquel Arthur, Paiute from Nevada, spoke on tribal and federal corruption, now threatening Paiute water rights to Pyramid Lake. She also spoke on the need to halt the Bear hunt, explaining that the Bear is sacred to the Paiutes. Raquel's father Webster Arthur, Nez Perce, said for Native people there were never any borders. Webster described how Native ancestors welcomed people to this land, and were slaughtered by the whites they welcomed.
Native Americans will protest racist sports mascots and the Washington Redskins at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara on Sunday.
The conference is free and open to the public at California College of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission St., San Francisco.
Read more from Day 1 and watch the videos at Censored News.
Watch live today, Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014, with the livestream provided by Govinda at Earthcycles

To watch Friday's videos from AIM West, select a time block below and click on it:

Watch live streaming video from earthcycles at

LISTEN Chief Arvol Looking Horse on Indigenous Wisdom Summit

Chief Arvol Looking Horse: Tar sands is the cancer of Canada

By Brenda Norrell
Indigenous Wisdom Summit
Censored News

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Lakota 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, began with a prayer for Grandmother Earth and the relatives, during the online Indigenous Wisdom Summit Nov 18 -- 20, 2014.
Chief Looking Horse spoke of the birth of the white buffalo and white animals and how it signaled the time we live in. With the bringing of the Sacred Pipe, the people were honored. With the Pipe, only good would come.
Chief Looking Horse spoke of the Heart, the Black Hills of South Dakota, and the Great Sioux Nation.
Chief Looking Horse said he is preparing for the great ride, in that cold wind, for peace and harmony, to honor the Dakotas who were hanged in Minnesota.
Speaking of the foretold return of the animals, Chief Looking Horse said it will signal the time of the Great Peace.
Chief Looking Horse said the tar sands is the "cancer" of Canada and the Keystone XL pipeline threatens to bring sickness to the people and would cross sacred places.
Chief Looking Horse describes his grandmother on her death bed, his own dreams, the need for prayer to bring about world peace, and what is foretold for the coming generations.
Listen online to Chief Looking and many more. First register to listen, it is free, click registration below.

Summit Replays

KKK Ferguson police ties exposed by Anonymous

Anonymous exposes ties between Ferguson police and Ku Klux Klan
Read article:
RT: Klan threatens to shoot Anonymous 'n****r lovers'

Also see: Nevada racist alert, incoming House Speaker:
Nevada racist alert:

New York: Letter Writing Dinner for Leonard Peltier and Oso Blanco
By Harvey Arden
BROOKLYN, New York – Tuesday, November 25th – Letter-Writing Dinner For American Indian Warriors Oso Blanco and Leonard Peltier
WHAT: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner
WHEN: 7 pm sharp, Tuesday, November 25th, 2014
WHERE: The Base – 1302 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11221 (directions below)
COST: Free

AIM West Live Fri, Sat, Sun: Nov 21 -- 23 2014

Earthcycles and Censored News will be live in San Francisco Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Schedule at
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By AIM West
Censored News

The 7th Annual AIM-WEST Coast Conference will be held at the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS), in San Francisco, on November 21-22, 2014.
1453 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 575-6100
The theme at this year’s Conference is “No Honor in Racism.”  The 7th annual conference will open with an introduction and prayer blessing followed by the “Sweet Medicine” women’s drum and song group, led by Mildred Wagner.  

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