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April 15, 2015

Apache Elders to join Oak Flat Street Fair in Tucson

Apache tribal elders opposing the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange involving their ancestral and holy land at Chi'Chil'Bilda'Goteel (Oak Flat) include (left to right) Harvey Logan, Helen Phillips, Darlene Longstreet, Serephina Early and Anthony Logan, Holy Ground Medicine Man were recently pictured at Oak Flat where occupation continues.

Apache Elders to join Oak Flat Street Fair in Tucson

By Sandra Rambler
Censored News

SAN CARLOS, Ariz. – Tribal elders of the San Carlos Apache Tribe are geared up to join the Oak Flat Street Fair that is slated for Sunday, April 19th in Tucson, Arizona at the corner of 4th Avenue and 26th Street. The address of the location is 238 E. 26th Street in Tucson, Arizona.
“We are Apaches and we never give up,” pointed out Anthony Logan, Holy Ground Medicine Man, in his native San Carlos Apache language.
We are here in prayer and still occupying our sacred ancestral land. Creator God gave us this land to take care of and to continue our Holy Ground ceremonies.”
“We have a responsibility to take care of our sacred sites and we will be blessed for our sacrifices made on behalf of our Mother Earth. We are still here at Chi’Chil’Bilda’Goteel,” concluded Medicine Man Logan.
“We continue to stand up and advocate for our Apache way of life, what we believe and what we have been taught by our ancestors,” says Audrey Johnson, tribal elder, in her native San Carlos Apache language.
“Oak Flat is known to us as Chi’Chil’Bilda’Goteel and our Apache people and other Indigenous Peoples from all over have been occupying our ancestral land there.”
“We are still opposing the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange where Resolution Copper Company under Rio Tinto/BHP is proposing to build a $64.1 billion dollar mine at Oak Flat.”
“One of the key players in this “land grab” is Arizona Senator John McCain. He appears to have no disregard to our Apache People and our way of life. Shame on him.”
“Our waters will be contaminated and our ancestral land will forever be destroyed and our ceremonial and holy sites and even burial sites and we want the world to know that we oppose such desecration by a foreign company,” concluded tribal elder, Audrey Johnson.
Everyone is invited to join in the cause from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and for more information, contact Wendsler Nosie, Sr., at (928) 200-5045 or Sandra Rambler at (928) 951-6939.


Anonymous said...

Just like the white man. Sees something and has to put his mark on it.

Anonymous said...

Sign the White House petition asking President Obama to protect this land:

Please post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The government will respond to petitions which have 10,000 signatures.

Thank you for participating in your democracy.