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April 21, 2015

Photos Save Oak Flat Tucson Street Fair


Photos by Sandra Rambler, San Carlos Apache
Censored News

On April 19, Indigenous Peoples were out supporting the SAVE OAT FLAT spiritual gathering at the Oak Flat Street Fair in Tucson, Arizona, sponsored by the Apache Stronghold.

(Photo 2) Native rappers including Che'Christ (Colorado River Indian Tribes), Navajo Nation Rapper, "Cooper" and Standing Fox (San Carlos Apache) yelled out to those present while rapping, "500 years of resistance! No More! Protect Mother Earth and Save Oak Flat!"

(Photo 3) Wendsler Nosie, former Chairman for the San Carlos Apache Tribe and now Peridot District Councilman and organizer for the Apache Stronghold, spoke to those present and urged those present to spread the message, "John McCain, it's time for you to retire from the Arizona State Senate!  You are NOT helping the people you are suppose to represent!  You gave away our holy ancestral land to a foreign company!"

(Photo 4) Apache tribal elders traveled to the Oak Flat Street Fair in Tucson, Arizona and participated in traditional Apache dances to songs by Holy Ground Medicine Man, Anthony Logan.

(Photo 5) San Carlos Apache Vice-Chairman, Tao Etpison spoke to those gathered at the Oak Flat Street Fair sending a strong message, "We must protect our ancestral land at Oak Flat!  It should not be given away to a foreign company that have no interest in Native American Indians especially in preserving the Apache way of life! Without water, we will die and this mine will need a lot of water to operate!"

(Photo 6) Apache elders gathered at the Oak Flat Street Fair in Tucson, AZ, included Audrey Johnson, Seraphina Early, Dorothy Smith and Helen Phillips and held signs supporting the fight to SAVE OAK FLAT.

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Anonymous said...

This issue needs more publicity. Another corporation, another outrage. I hope we can spread the word and call them out on this. It's unacceptable.