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April 10, 2015

United Nations to hold COINTELPRO review in May under Human Rights Treaty

Black Panther Party, American Indian Movement and Vietnam War Protesters
were all targets of the US government's COINTELPRO
United Nations to hold COINTELPRO review in May under Human Rights Treaty

The United Nations will review the United States government's COINTELPRO program that targeted the Black Panthers, American Indian Movement, Martin Luther King, Jr., and all protesters of the Vietnam War.
Among those voices against the Vietnam War was Buffy Sainte Marie. Buffy said she was blacklisted out of the music industry in the US because of her song, "Universal Soldier," and her stance against the Vietnam War. 
In a long-censored interview at Dine' College on the Navajo Nation, Buffy said that President Johnson played a key role in forcing radio stations to stop playing her songs. She said entire shipments of her records simply disappeared.
Operation Chaos also targeted AIM
COINTELPRO was not the only US operation that targeted the American Indian Movement.
Censored News discovered that in 1967 President Johnson created Operation Chaos to spy on the American Indian Movement, Black Panthers, student movements and anti-war movements.
The CIA operation gathered documents on 7,200 US citizens, tracking their contacts with so-called 'dissidents' in other countries.
Operation Chaos was a highly classified, secret intelligence project of the CIA, which
targeted the American Indian Movement after the Occupation of Wounded Knee.

American Indians involved in the anti-war movement were targeted.
US cables reveal that the State Department was focused on spying on Russell Means.
The US State Department took notice and sent out a cable when Russell Means, Lakota, said a delegation to Eastern Europe planned to "ram the human rights issue down President Carter's throat."
Means promised to expose the genocide of American Indians in Europe and seek support for the ongoing "foreign occupation" in the US. The US was also concerned that the delegation to Europe in 1977 would use "Iroquois passports," according to the US spy cable.
One document in Wikileaks shows that after Wounded Knee, the American Indian Movement was planning an Indian Treaty Convention near Mobridge, South Dakota, in 1974. The US was concerned that Bolivia and Mexico would attend. "The USG (United States government) would regard official participation in this event by any foreign government as inappropriate." The US continued to try and find out who was coming. Read more at Censored News:

Indian news website receives US spy contract

Now, even the American Indian media ownership is involved in spying for the United States. Recently, Ho-Chunk, Inc, in Nebraska, owners of the Indian news website received a multi-million dollar spy contract for domestic and international spying, with an office at the Pentagon. Ho-Chunk Inc. already had separate contracts for services in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Black Panthers begin focus at United Nations
In the upcoming review of COINTELPRO in Geneva by the United Nations, which begins in early May, two of Amnesty International's Prisoners of Conscience, Edward Poindexter and Mondo we Langa aka David Rice, are among those summoning justice. They were imprisoned because of convictions related to the Black Panther Party in Omaha, Nebraska.
The Examiner reports, "The United States Human Rights Network has announced that the United States will undergo a five-year Universal Periodic Review on May 11 of its compliance with human rights treaties to which the United States is a signatory. The issue of political prisoners from the COINTELPRO era has been put before the treaty review team.
Operation COINTELPRO was a clandestine and illegal counterintelligence program directed against political activists from 1956 to 1971, under J. Edgar Hoover’s close supervision. The 'Black Nationalist-Hate Groups' was the most vicious and lethal counterintelligence effort of the Federal Bureau of Investigation during that era."
Amnesty International: Prisoners of Conscience
Edward Poindexter and Mondo we Langa aka David Rice
Black Panther Party Omaha, Nebraska
United Nations racism treaty forces Obama to explain COINTELPRO black political prisoners
By Mo Barns, Rolling Out
A United Nations treaty on racism, which the United States is a signatory, is being enforced against the Obama administration. The enforcement of the treaty deals with the details of black prisoners, especially in the 1960s. Under the FBI program COINTELPRO dozens of black political prisoners were incarcerated during the Civil Rights Era. In some cases, these prisoners were deliberately targeted by the FBI under instruction from Director J. Edgar Hoover. The UN report states “The Committee requests the State party to provide its next periodic report, detailed information on … The current status of political activists from the Civil Right Era who reportedly continue to be incarcerated.” The complaint was filed by an organization known as Jericho Movement, the organization has said that 19 Black Panthers remained in prison after unfair trials. An additional report to the UN committee from the Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination, indicated some prisoners whose situation needed urgent attention. The prisoners known included the Omaha Two, these prisoners are Edward Poindexter and Mondo we Langa aka David Rice.

Also see the Blacklisting of Buffy Sainte Marie by Brenda Norrell, Censored News:
The censoring of Buffy Sainte Marie by Indian Country Today played a pivotal role in the creation of Censored News nine years ago. Buffy was among the many activists censored by the editors of Indian Country Today while I was a staff writer there, which was the majority of the years between 1995 and 2006. After being censored repeatedly, then terminated by Indian Country Today, I created Censored News.
In her interview at Dine' College on the Navajo Nation, which was censored at the time by Indian Country Today, Buffy said that because of her song, 'Universal Soldier,' and her voice against the war in Vietnam, she was blacklisted out of the music industry in the US. She later learned that President Johnson played a key role in pressuring radio stations not to play her songs, and entire shipments of her records simply disappeared.

US Sterilization of Native American women:

US government's sterilization of American Indian women: Jean Whitehorse, Dineh (Navajo) tells what happened to her. Video by Brenda Norrell, Censored News, at American Indian Movement's AIM West in San Francisco.


Dr. Carlos Munoz, Jr. said...

You can add the Chicano Movement, UMAS, MEChA,Crusade for Justice, 13 Chicano civil rights activists indicted for conspiracy for their role in the 1968 high school student walkouts in Los Angeles, Ca,

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Thank you for this information Dr. Munoz. It will be interesting to see what the UN examines; whether any new documents are revealed exposing the US role in 'false flag' operations; and ultimately if it makes any difference in a real way to the victims, including those who are incarcerated.

theindividual21 said...

The FBI are criminal scum. I have proof they conspired with Kent State University to murder their own football player. I also have proof they mind control induced Nathan Gale into murdering rocker Dimebag Darrell. The FBI also induced the May 4th Kent State shooting using a criminal informant named Terry Norman to provide a historical legacy for the school. It is highly like that Kent State wanted the shooting carried out for publicity. Read the story at: