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April 24, 2015

Zapatistas SupGaleano: Registration Report 'Critical Thought Versus Capitalist Hydra'

Photo: SupGaleano in Sonora
by Brenda Norell

Report on Registration for the Seminar “Critical Thought Versus the Capitalist Hydra”

Zapatista Army for National Liberation


April 21, 2015
Translations: Italiano, Espanol

To the compas of the Sixth:
To the presumed attendees of the Seminar “Critical Thought Versus the Capitalist Hydra”:
We want to let you know that:
As of April 21, 2015, the number of people who have registered for the seminar “Critical Thought Versus the Capitalist Hydra” is approximately 1,074 men, women, others,i children, and elderly from Mexico and the world. Of this number:
558 people are adherents of the Sixth.
430 people are not adherents of the Sixth
82 people say they are from the free, autonomous, independent, alternative, or whatever-you-call-it media.
4 people are from the paid media (only one person from the paid media has been rejected, it was one of the three who were sponsored by the Chiapas state government to sully the name of the Zapatista compa professor Galeano and present his murderers as victims.)
Now then, we don’t know if among those 1,074 who have registered so far there might be a portion who have gotten confused and think that they have registered for Señorita Anahí’s wedding (apparently she’s marrying somebody from Chiapas, I’m not sure, but pay me no mind because here the world of politics and entertainment are easily confused… ah! There too? Didn’t I tell you?)
Anyway, I’m sharing the number of attendees because it’s many more than we had expected would attend the seminar/seedbed. Of course now that’s CIDECI’s problem, so… good luck!
What? Can people can still register? I think so, I’m not sure. When questioned by Los Tercios Compas, doctor Raymundo responded “no problem at all, in any case the number of people who will actually pay attention are far fewer.” Okay, okay, okay, he didn’t say that, but given the context he could have. What’s more, not even the doc knows how many people are going to come to CIDECI.
In any case, if you are engrossed by the high quality of the electoral campaigns and are reflecting profoundly on the crystal clear proposals of the various candidates, you should not waste your time on this critical thinking stuff.
Okay then, don’t forget your toothbrush, soap, and something to comb your hair.
From the concierge of the seminar/seedbed,
In search of the cat-dog,
Mexico, April 2015.
The Cat-Dog in the chat “Zapatista attention to the anti-zapatista client”:
(You are currently on hold, one of our advisors will be with you in a moment. If it takes awhile, it’s because we’re on pozol break.iii We thank you for your patience.)

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