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April 16, 2015

Nihigaal bee lina: Dineh Youths Walking in Beauty

By Nihigaal bee Iina
Censored News

"As we journey for existence, we encounter many obstacles but we also experience hozho. Blessings from the collective prayers of you, our families, and close friends uplifts us and our spirit and allows us to see all the beauty even as destruction continues. Our spirit can survive assimilation, violence, and environmental destruction-- nihidziil, our strength, gives us something to smile about, kicking our heels as we leap into the air."
"SATURDAY! Before we cross the Little Colorado River we will be making offerings to our Tó Asdzą́ą́. Come join us! Saturday morning Little Colorado River bridge before Luepp."

Also, listen to the Dineh youth walkers on Broken Boxes Podcast!

Episode 29. Interviews from Nihígaal bee Iiná :: Journey for Existence

"As young people, we realize that we can’t continue on like this. We need clean air, water, and a viable lifeway for our people. In facing this crisis of our future, the idea of walking to raise awareness was born."


"We don't strike with weapons. We don't strike with hate, but our outrage is transformed into action. Acts of compassion and solidarity with ALL OUR NATIONS! This continent is our homeland. As caretakers, let's change our direction! we are millions!"

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Unknown said...

Love Your Action, dear young People ! You are the future of this World. I wish you strength, joy, courage, perseverance, support from all over the world and of course some fun too ! Greetings from Switzerland :-)