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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mohawk Nation News 'Cyber Control'


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MNN. 15, 2015. The government wants to pass laws to take control of the internet and of us. What better way than to inundate the net with porn, bullies, racism, gore and everything that upsets us, to make us demand government control! It’s like those people who call us trying to sell us vacations, or to take part in a survey, or give us $20 million dollars. We don’t have to look at any of it. We just have to hang up or delete email. They won’t stop. Just keep hanging up or delete it every time.
McGill Team rescues corporate matrix.
McGill Team’s rescue attempt of the  corporate matrix in Kahnawake.
Corporate controlled mass media is now trying to control the internet. The Great Peace Kaia’nere:kowa is based on an informed society. The corporation of McGill University is setting up a “Define the Line” forum on the ‘legal risks of social media use’ in Kahnawake, on Tuesday, April 21. The cyber agents coming to Kahnawake are Alyssa Wiseman “on cyber-bullying as it relates to our children’s ‘moral’ development?” Arzina Zaver will guide us on the “implications of bullying, social media” and on how to obey the governments “educational and legal” edicts. Nima Naimi is the supposed expert on “civil and criminal implications” around the world. They’re here to tell us how to monitor ourselves and keep our mouths shut, especially about criticizing the government, our real problem.
Who at the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. was behind setting up this forum? This is the announcement of yet another proposed genocidal by-law to be imposed on us. They don’t want us to criticize or question them about their corporate agenda or are its directors.
The canoe will never sink!
The canoe will never sink!
Like Canada, Nazi Germany was a fascist, totalitarian state. A model of complete control over politics, society and culture was imposed on their citizens. The public could not speak freely. They had to submit totally to the corporate matrix. Private paramilitary organizations stifled dissent and terrorized the opposition. Media, television, radio, press, and education at all levels controlled all information and ideas.
How different is that from the work of Alyssa, Arzina and Naimi? They are here to help us conform to Canada’s corporate guidelines. Technology (especially the Internet) is used to harass, intimidate and frighten us. Our phones and Internet are monitored. Our computers are crashed or interfered with. We are targeted if the government decides it threatens their control grid, makes threats, falsely accuses us of anti-terrorism for standing in the way of corporatism, steals our personal and financial information and destroys our data or equipment. If we’ve left anything out, please add it here in your own mind.
Old Ongwe'hon:weh software works just fine!
Stop it! Our old Ongwe’hon:weh software works just fine!

A free internet is needed to attain the one mind, the basis of the Great Peace. The corporation wants to take over the internet to be in charge of our minds and keep us asleep. Creation gives us a mind to know what is real and not to be caught by fake reality. Satenakonnirahs, means strengthening our mind. Based on gathering relevant information, it’s our warning system.
Five Man Electrical Band sings about watching for signs: “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind. Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the signs? Sign says you got tohave a membership card to get inside!” 
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Mohawk Nation News 'Kanehsatake Memories'



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MNN. 14 Apr. 2015. The colonial settlers refuse to give the traditional kanion’ke:haka Mohawks at kanehsatake any rest. On a cold winter day in 2004 the ad hoc “Aboriginal” cops were sent in to establish law and order and displace the people’s police. The incorporated band council chief, James Gabriel, had his own Indian Affairs goons patrolling the community. The 60 outsiders locked themselves into the police station and refused to leave.
Cops imprisoned in Kanehsatake  police station.
Cops self-imprisoned in Kanehsatake police station.
The people came to have a look. They were charged with confining the cops. Someone burnt down Gabriel’s empty house. Everything got settled. Some men were jailed. The women were acquitted. Now CROWN Prosecutor Francois Briere, the career Mohawk hater, appealed the acquittal of the spectators. He said these women were associated with the men he falsely convicted. So they are guilty by association and wants to convict them!
The May 3, 2004, video shows Jimmy’s Indian Affairs goons and the Quebec police of Oka waiting for orders at the west end. They were staring at the camo-clad and masked kanehsatake men, who were staring back at them. The goons were suppose to stir up trouble and film it through the back window of their pickup truck.
Suddenly a cop with a stun gun jumps into the back of the pickup truck. Before he could aim, our men pounded him with a hail of rocks and raced forward to disarm him. One rock crashed through the back window of the truck, which took off. Filming continued through the broken back window.
The chase began. An undercover car scooted out of the way. Traffic in the opposite direction maneuvered past. Our guys’ trucks moved behind the cops at a regular speed. Suddenly the cops braked and got slammed from behind. The big dump truck didn’t stop because vehicles were behind it. The cop radio messaged, “The big 5 ton truck is coming after us”. They kept going until they hit the next town, St. Placide. No charges were laid because no one knows who was driving.

"Hey, SQ. You won't needs roads where you're going."
“Hey, SQ. There are no roads where you’re going.”
A cartoon in Montreal’s Le Devoir shows the James Gabriel goon car all smashed up and his men taking off, being chased out of kanehsatake by the Mohawk men. Minister of Public Security, Jacques Chagnon, standing on the side, wearing a Quebec Police uniform, says, “We can’t make any wrong moves because we might get those Mohawks mad”.
The Men must exercise their duties to the people to re-establish the Great Peace: skennen, kasatstenera and kariwiio. They warn those who interfere with our right to defend ourselves and to survive to back off.
Waylon Jennings sings “Good Old Boys” in the first part. Then Bon Scott sings: “No stop sign, speed limits, nobody’s gonna slow me down. Like a wheel, gonna spin it. Nobody’s gonna push me round. Hey, Satan, paying my dues. Playing in a rockin’ band. Hey, Mama. Look at me I’m on my way to the promised land”.

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Apache Elders to join Oak Flat Street Fair in Tucson

Apache tribal elders opposing the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange involving their ancestral and holy land at Chi'Chil'Bilda'Goteel (Oak Flat) include (left to right) Harvey Logan, Helen Phillips, Darlene Longstreet, Serephina Early and Anthony Logan, Holy Ground Medicine Man were recently pictured at Oak Flat where occupation continues.

Apache Elders to join Oak Flat Street Fair in Tucson

By Sandra Rambler
Censored News

SAN CARLOS, Ariz. – Tribal elders of the San Carlos Apache Tribe are geared up to join the Oak Flat Street Fair that is slated for Sunday, April 19th in Tucson, Arizona at the corner of 4th Avenue and 26th Street. The address of the location is 238 E. 26th Street in Tucson, Arizona.
“We are Apaches and we never give up,” pointed out Anthony Logan, Holy Ground Medicine Man, in his native San Carlos Apache language.
We are here in prayer and still occupying our sacred ancestral land. Creator God gave us this land to take care of and to continue our Holy Ground ceremonies.”
“We have a responsibility to take care of our sacred sites and we will be blessed for our sacrifices made on behalf of our Mother Earth. We are still here at Chi’Chil’Bilda’Goteel,” concluded Medicine Man Logan.
“We continue to stand up and advocate for our Apache way of life, what we believe and what we have been taught by our ancestors,” says Audrey Johnson, tribal elder, in her native San Carlos Apache language.
“Oak Flat is known to us as Chi’Chil’Bilda’Goteel and our Apache people and other Indigenous Peoples from all over have been occupying our ancestral land there.”
“We are still opposing the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange where Resolution Copper Company under Rio Tinto/BHP is proposing to build a $64.1 billion dollar mine at Oak Flat.”
“One of the key players in this “land grab” is Arizona Senator John McCain. He appears to have no disregard to our Apache People and our way of life. Shame on him.”
“Our waters will be contaminated and our ancestral land will forever be destroyed and our ceremonial and holy sites and even burial sites and we want the world to know that we oppose such desecration by a foreign company,” concluded tribal elder, Audrey Johnson.
Everyone is invited to join in the cause from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and for more information, contact Wendsler Nosie, Sr., at (928) 200-5045 or Sandra Rambler at (928) 951-6939.

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