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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Red Warrior Camp--Warriors to the Frontline Now 'Kill the Black Snake'

Official Red Warrior Camp Frontline Communique
Red Warrior Camp 
English and Spanish translation by Dr. Villanueva
French translation  by Christine Prat
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Greetings relatives across the hemispheres. We write you this message from the active frontline resistance along the banks of the sacred Mni Sose river on sovereign Lakota treaty territory.

We are a growing community of dedicated water protectors that have been peacefully defending sacred water from the impending construction/destruction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We come from many nations and many struggles to denounce the violence done unto our sacred mother by resource extraction industries.

As we fulfill our responsibility to protect this land and water for future generations we are constantly met with heavy-handed responses and state sanctioned repression from militarized government forces. Police harassment in the form of daily helicopter and drone surveillance of our home encampment, the threatened use of military grade weapons, illegal road blockades, and racial profiling are all fear tactics of intimidation intended to break our warrior spirits. Yet we still stand strong in prayer, always united in our collective vision to defeat this Black Snake.

Pipeline investors are desperate to complete their $3.7 billion project on time and winters approach is making living conditions on the plains much more harsh. We now must ask all Land Defenders, Water Protectors, and Strong Hearts to hear our War Cry and join us here in Standing Rock immediately. We are requesting reinforcements from skilled and trained Warriors prepared to evict the Dakota Access Pipeline and protect our homelands and ways of life. Let us kill this Black Snake once and for all.

With Love & Conviction from the Warpath,
Black Snake Killaz - Red Warrior Camp

Comunicado Oficial del Campamento Red Warrior Camp, Territorio soberano Lakota, Dakota del Norte, Estados Unidos.
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Saludos a nuestros familiares a través de los hemisferios. Les escribimos este mensaje desde el frente activo de resistencia a lo largo de las orillas del río sagrado, Mni Sose, desde el territorio soberano Lakota.
Cada vez, somos una comunidad más grade de los protectores del agua dedicados, de manera pacífica, a defender el agua sagrada de la inminente construcción / destrucción causada por los oleoductos de la petrolera, Acceso Dakota (DAPL, por sus siglas en ingles). Venimos de muchas naciones y muchas luchas para denunciar la violencia perpetrada a nuestra madre sagrada
(la tierra) causada por las industrias de extracción de recursos.
A medida que cumplimos con nuestra responsabilidad de proteger esta tierra y el agua, para las futuras generaciones, nos encontramos constantemente con las respuestas de mano dura y represión permitida por el estado de las fuerzas militarizadas del gobierno. El acoso policial en forma de vigilancia con helicópteros y drones es un zumbido diario en nuestro hogar en el campamento, la amenaza del uso de armas de grado militar, bloqueos ilegales de carreteras, y las detenciones basadas en la etnia o raza de las personas se han convertido en tácticas de intimidación destinadas a quebrar nuestros espíritus de protectores del agua. Sin embargo, todavía nos sentimos fuertes en la oración, siempre unidos en nuestra visión colectiva de derrotar a esta Serpiente Negra.
Los inversionistas de los oleoductos están desesperados por completar su proyecto de $ 3.7 millones de dólares a tiempo y el invierno, que pronto va a llegar, va a hacer que las condiciones de vida en las llanuras de Dakota del Norte sean mucho más duras. Ahora, tenemos que pedir a todos los defensores de la tierra, protectores de agua, y a los corazones fuertes que escuchen nuestra voz de guerra y que se unan a nosotros aquí en el campamento de Standing Rock inmediatamente. Estamos solicitando refuerzos de guerreros calificados y formados, preparados para desalojar al oleoducto Acceso a Dakota y proteger nuestras tierras y nuestro modo de vida. Matemos a esta serpiente Negra de una vez por todas.
Con amor y con la convicción del camino de la fe de la defensa del agua,
El campamento Red Warrior Camp
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Mohawk Nation News 'The Verdict'



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MNN. Oct. 13, 2016. The US District Court of NY has proven that we onkwe’hon:weh cannot get a fair trial on ono’ware:keh, great turtle island. The jury ruled that the 51 NYS I-81 INDIAN Detail had a right to brutally attack over 100 men, women and children on May 18, 1997, without punishment. The people were conducting a thanksgiving ceremony on the Jones private property. This police state precedent must not be allowed to stand. This judgment will be appealed.  policestate1
Judge Frederick Scullin kept out crucial evidence of the pro se victims/the “onondaga 15”, he cross-examined and answered for the cops, selected the jury, most of whom worked for NYS entities, gave the victims 5 minutes for their opening statements and 5 minutes for their closing summation, while badgering and interrupting them throughout. Scullin did not allow any of the plaintiffs to present their case.
We remember!
We remember!
The trial came after an almost 20 year delay. Judge Scullin made many errors, such as:
1.Violations of Due Process of Law [5th and 14th Amendments], and violations of a right to a trial [7th amendment] by an impartial, neutral, and unbiased jury, and freedom of speech [1st amendment].
2. Racial profiling: NYS set up the para-military INDIAN Detail, the ultimate in systemic racial profiling. They did not create an “Italian Detail” or “Black Detail” or “White Detail”. Only those troopers who could actually be identified by Plaintiffs could be implicated in the attack, though each INDIAN Detail member is responsible.
"Your honour, I must protest this is tampering with the jury!"
“Your honour, I must protest this is tampering with the jury!”
3. Keeping out crucial evidence against the cops such as police videos and a 2009 decision of Justice Sotomayor of the US Supreme Court on Jones v. Parmley 98CV374.
4. Lawyers dropped Plaintiffs after 18 years, leaving them without lawyers.
5. “Punitive damages” were not to be considered by the jury for the INDIAN Detail defendants.
6. Plaintiffs were suddenly dismissed without notice [Shawn Jones, Nadine Bucktooth, and Robert Bucktooth III], who were young children at the time of the attack.
7. Dead Plaintiffs were struck from the record without Estate authorization.
Supt. George Beach: "Take off your nameplates".
Supt. George Beach: “Take off your nameplates”.
8. Name badges were removed by order of NYSP Supt. George Beach so victims could not identify them during the horrific attack. Cops had identical interrogatory answers and sworn evidence they forgot.
9. “Appeal my rulings” Scullin told the plaintiffs if they objected to his unexplained rulings.
10. Cross examined defendants and often answered for them.
11. Only one plaintiff was allowed to question witnesses though all had a right to do so.
12. Orders were to clear, arrest and mercilessly beat the onkwe’hon:weh on the “easement” by the side of I-81, which is part of the Jones property. “Don’t talk to anyone and take them anyway you can”. No negotiations! No orders! Get them off their property.
13. Justice Sotomayor of the US Supreme Court clarified in her 2009 judgment for the Second Circuit that the cops could not use “qualified immunity” as a defence. They are all responsible. “Andrew Jones … gave a non-exclusive and limited easement to the New York Department of Public Works to work on the 1-81 road that he also owned.” Judge Scullin refused to put this relevant case law in the case or jury instructions. In fact, the INDIAN Detail trespassed on the Jones private property to carry out the attack, according to Sotomayor.
14. Scullin overruled plaintiffs’ objections without explaining why. He sustained most of Defence Attorney Tim Mulvey’s objections.
15. Scullin instructed the jury without allowing plaintiffs to comment
16. Robert Bucktooth beating. One cop testified the six cops almost beat him to death with a steel tipped baton 55 times “for his own safety”.
"How am I supposed to know whether I'm guilty or not? - I'm a sociopath!"
17. Cameraman roughed up. James Parmley arrested him for disobeying police order not to film, indicating a cover-up of their illegal horrific assaults.
18. Plaintiffs never blocked the road. Police slowed traffic for construction. The people were conducting the ohenton kariwa tekwen ceremony, giving thanks to creation. Scullin rejected this inherent ceremony as defined by the 1st amendment.
19. Video audio excluded in trial that included “get him”, “commence arrest”, “kick ass” and the screams, crying and chaos of the hysterical children and women during the attack, who were 75% of the victims.
20. Plaintiff RJ complained he could not get a fair hearing and wanted to appeal. Scullin ordered over a dozen marshals to escort him from the Courtroom. RJ later informed Scullin that one marshal pushed him along and another called him a “savage.” Scullin suggested it did not happen.
Tribal chiefs: "Personally, I could never go back to wearing sheets".
Tribal chiefs: “Personally, I could never go back to sheets now”.
21. Onondaga tribal chiefs Oren Lyons, Ollie Gibson and others permitted the attack of their own people. Subpoenas to question them were improperly quashed on illegal sovereign immunity claims, as they are part of US and NYS laws.
22. No order to negotiate or disperse was given. Peaceful assembly and ceremonial fire started on May 8, 1997 until May 21. Justice Sotomayor said there was no place to disperse on private property. It was an unlawful attack.
23. Illegal taxation issue. The gathering and feast was to be followed by a peaceful discussion on the proposed illegal taxation of all onkwe’hon:weh communities by an illegal agreement between the onondaga tribal chiefs and NYS.
24. Arrests without any probable cause. One cop testified he “assumed” he could arrest! Andrew Jones has a right to have relatives and friends use his property peaceably. The police were the trespassers. larryville-blue-the-officers-career-progression-by-les-lethal
25. Special Investigator Salvatore Volvo. Parmley & Beach stopped him from reporting that police acted unlawfully. Scullin would not let him be a witness.
26. Trial transcript. Every word spoken in the Courtroom must be transcribed and made available to the public.
27.Plaintiffs were bullied and threatened with being dismissed from the case for objecting to his rulings and asking for explanations.
All were affected by the unwarranted police attack and beating. Many still suffer extreme mental anguish and physical damages. This is a bad judgment. It will be appealed. thahoketoteh.
As Stompin Tom Connors sings about the delay in justice that the “onondaga 15” are still dealing with: “When I was a lad, I was really bad, it wasn’t smart to be good. I beat up my dog, choked my frog, and acted just as mean as I could. I hit all the girls, and put gum in their curls, cause I like to hear them cry and plead. I’d punch the little boys and steal all their toys cause I knew they weren’t smarter than me. They call me Ben, here in the pen. where you take the guff and you suffer. But I’ll be free when i’m 53, and I bet I’ll be a whole lot tougher, I hope I’ll be a whole lot tougher. Oh, what’s the use, I guess I’m not a very good bluffer”. 
NYS verdict is that the INDIAN Detail can commit a crime without penalty:
Adam L. Pollock
Angela C. Winfield,
Brittany E. Aungier,
Carol. Rhinehart,
Devin M. Cain,
lkan Abramowitz,
Gabriel M. Nugent, Joanna Gozzi,
Jodi M. Meikin
Robert J. Anello
Terrance J. Hoffman
TimothY P. Mulvey
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