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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Donate to Censored News: Our laptops were destroyed by cyber attacks

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Censored News laptops were destroyed by cyber attacks 

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Keystone XL Pipeline Ditched: One black snake is dead

Jasilyn Charger, Lakota, 25, faced sentencing for defending the water, the same day Keystone XL developers announced it was cancelled.

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

June 10, 2021

TC Energy confirmed Wednesday that it canceled the Keystone XL pipeline. There were celebrations throughout Indian country, as the ten year fight came to an end.

On the same day, Jasilyn Charger, Cheyenne River Lakota, 25, faced court sentencing in South Dakota, after recently being arrested in defense of the water at a Keystone XL construction site.