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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Amazing Aerial Footage of Arkansas Tarsands Oil Spill April 2013

Published on Apr 2, 2013
Tens of thousands of gallons of oil have flooded some of the streets and yards of Mayflower, Arkansas. The Exxon tar sands oil spill is small taste of what we would see if the Keystone XL Pipeline is approved. The media is largely being kept away from this spill. In the video you can see that Exxon's plan to clean it up consists mostly of hoses and paper towels. Go to and to learn more and lend your support to the fight of people over profit. UPDATE: The FAA has restricted flight over the area -
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US Border Patrol responsible for beatings, dragging migrants through desert

 Family Seeks Answers as Customs and Border Protection Abuse Case Reaches Two-Year Milestone

By No More Deaths and Border Communities Coalition
Censored News
LOS ANGELES -- On March 30, 2011, José Gutierrez Guzmán, a 41 year-old immigrant from Los Angeles, was hospitalized after being beaten unconscious by border agents inside the San Luis Port of Entry in Arizona. This past Saturday marked the two year anniversary of the case, and the expiration of the federal statute of limitations for civil litigation against the responsible agents. Yet U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Justice still have not released basic information on what happened to José or the identity of the agents responsible.
Gutierrez had lived in Los Angeles, CA since the age of 9. In March 2011 he received a letter from Homeland Security, presented himself to immigration authorities, and was subsequently deported to Tijuana, Mexico, leaving behind his U.S. citizen wife and two U.S. citizen children, aged 5 months and 2 years (the eldest of whom suffers from autism and the youngest of whom was, at the time, in the hospital). Prior to being deported, Gutierrez worked as a film engineer while his fiancée at the time, Shena Wilson, trained to be a nurse.
Like thousands of other recently deported migrants, Gutierrez was determined to return to his family. On March 30th Gutierrez attempted to cross through the Port of Entry at San Luis, Arizona. It was here that agents first tased Gutierrez and then inflicted the injuries that would permanently change his life. Initially, agents told Shena, “Your husband fell backwards and hit his head on a rock.” Agents later acknowledged tasing Gutierrez but claimed his injuries were due to his subsequent fall. Later, medical investigation discovered blunt force trauma not only to his head but to multiple areas of his body. After the beating José Gutierrez remained in a coma for several weeks, during which time U.S. immigration authorities repeatedly tried to deport him to Mexico. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was eventually allowed to remain in the United States. But he suffers permanent brain damage and ongoing seizures, requiring constant care and making it impossible for him to work (see photos of Gutierrez's injuries here).
Said Gutierrez’s wife Shena, “It has been 2 years, and never have we received any answers. We don’t even have a real report of what happened. It was just rumors between consulate members, Border Patrol, lawyers. Then their version changes – they’ve changed it 2 or 3 times. We don’t know who the agents are, how many there were. They won’t release any surveillance videos.”
A report released March 28th by the University of Arizona's Center for Latin American Studies found that of 1,113 deported migrants interviewed between 2010 and 2012 more than 10% suffered some form of physical abuse at the hands of U.S. agents, ranging from being punched, kicked or shoved. One individual was tied up behind a Border Patrol vehicle and dragged through the desert. A 2011 report released by Tucson-based No More Deaths (an immigrant advocacy group) found similar levels of abuse. In addition, there have been 20 known incidents of lethal use of force by CBP agents since 2010, including Anastacio Hernadez-Rojas, whose May 2010 beating death near the San Ysidro, CA Port of Entry was captured on cell-phone video by multiple witnesses.  Criminal charges have still not been filed in Hernandez-Rojas’ case.
Stated Hannah Hafter of No More Deaths: “Here in the southwest borderlands, over and over again we confront a ‘green shield of silence’ when the families of those that have been harmed or even killed seek answers. The Border Patrol and the Department of Justice refuse to release information to the families or otherwise pursue accountability for what are clear and blatant cases of abuse.” Hafter added, “When Washington politicians talk about ‘border security,’ these kinds of incidents are almost always overlooked. Real security includes oversight and accountability for Homeland Security personnel. Nobody should be allowed to operate above the rule of law.”
The Border Network for Human Rights, along with the ACLU of New Mexico and the Southern Border Communities Coalition, has recommended a DHS Border Oversight Task Force—composed of diverse appointed stakeholders, from northern and southern border communities and experts on border issues— to bring accountability to border enforcement programs, policies and strategies. The Task Force would oversee the implementation of federal policies and programs on the borders, and review the activities of federal agencies at the borders and in the immediate interior. Also, the Task Force would provide a mechanism to hold federal border enforcement agencies accountable and provide recommendations regarding border operations, complaint procedures, conditions in Border Patrol facilities and vehicles, DHS training programs, and federal border security and immigration policy.
Meanwhile, as congress debates immigration reform, José Gutierrez and his family, along with many others, worry that they will never see justice.

Contact: Hannah Hafter (No More Deaths) 651-338-8058
              Ricardo Favela  (Southern Border Communities Coalition) 760 468 4519
              Shena Gutierrez 760-662-1035    

Also see: Congressional hearing on Border Patrol arrests for drug smuggling, conspiracy (serving as spotters for cartels) and more:

“Since 2004, over 130 agents of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have been arrested, charged, or otherwise prosecuted on corruption charges. Allegations and convictions include alien and drug smuggling, money laundering, and conspiracy,” Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Management, said in his opening statement at the hearing.
Besides Customs and Boarder Protection personnel, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees have also abused their positions, McCaul observed.
McCaul said an ICE agent in February pleaded guilty to illegally providing documents to individuals with ties to drug trafficking organizations. ICE agents have been convicted of accepting thousands of dollars in bribes from immigrants seeking U.S. documentation, he said.

Music Video: Shining Soul 'Get Up'

Published on Apr 2, 2013 Phoenix Hip Hop duo, Shining Soul, drops their first single 'Get Up' of their next full length project, Sonic Smash. Video directed by: Thug Hippy For more Shining Soul, check us at these links below:


Straight outta occupied O'odham je:wed in southern Arizona, Shining Soul is a grassroots duo based in Phoenix. Shining Soul's unique vintage means of beat production, and down to earth, empowering rhyme delivery is reminiscent of Hip-Hop's early days, when beats and rhymes took priority. Using Hip-Hop as a tool to get their voices out, Shining Soul pushes the margins by discussion issues that affect the communities they each originate from, while sharing and maintaining the essence of Hip-Hop culture that empowered them to take up arms via beats and rhymes.

In the O'odham language, it's je:wed. Meaning land.

The Fight for Real Journalism: Spotting the frauds in journalism

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

A return to authentic journalism requires the halt to 'copy and paste' journalism, which is plagiarism. Before posting news articles from sources like Indian Country Today, or Huffington Post, readers should check the web to see if the article is a rewrite, and the theft of someone's genuine hard work, for the benefit of a paycheck, an ego, or both.
Many times you will see the original article on Google, on Google News or Web. If not, e-mail the reporter  and ask: 'Were you there?' 'If not, did you use a brief phone call interview to disguise the fact that it is plagiarism?' 'Did you steal or borrow the photo?'
Ask why the photographer, who probably spent their own money to be present, was not paid and given photo credit.
It doesn't take long to discover the frauds.
Ask the publishers why they are refusing to reimburse travel funds for authentic reporting, and forcing reporters into bankruptcy who spend their own funds to cover news stories.
Spotting the frauds in journalism
If the reporter or columnist claims to be Native American or First Nation, ask them who their Native grandparents were. If they don't know, ask them how you can verify they are really Native.
If the person claims to be a journalist, ask for more links to their work, and whether they are now -- or have ever been -- receiving payments for public relations to promote individuals, politicians, organizations, tribes, casinos, or the US government, etc.
You can't be both, an authentic journalist and a paid public relations agent. The favors often continue for years or even decades after a person claims to switch from PR as a paid-for-promoter, to journalist.
Hopi Dan Evehema: The grant funders 'will own you'
Ask writers and columnists if they are receiving US, corporate, or non-profit grant funding, and what the source is. Ask how much of the grant funding goes to the board members and staff, and what is their annual salary and travel expense. (Non-profits are required to make this pubic.)
Ask reporters and columnists if the amount and source of their grant funding has been made public, and if the salaries have been made public. Ask writers and columnists what is the role played by their news articles or press releases in obtaining more funding.
Many grants are for $200,000 and $300,000 and many non-profits are keeping those secret. Other organizations are being funded by corporations, like the Ford Foundation, which is  funding Indigenous work at the United Nations. Many people have become dependent on grant funding, and use press releases to keep the funding coming in, while traveling and promoting themselves, or using other peoples issues without telling them. Others have secretly taken control of grassroots organizations in order to seize their funds.
Hopi elder Dan Evehema, when he was over 100 years old and speaking through a translator on the mesa  said, "Never take grant funding, or they will own you."
Verify journalists identities
If a new name appears on an article or video, check to see if an exposed wannabe fraud is now using a new name, or a corrupt journalist has switched names.
If you are suspicious of their reporting, investigate to see if they have ever received training, or have been employed, by the CIA, NSA, or other intelligence firm. If so, determine if they are whistle blowers or still working undercover.
If they promote the oil and gas, or coal industry, or cover up the environmental destruction, investigate the reporter and find out why. Just as with tribal politicians, the energy companies offer to pay reporters and columnists with fancy meals, hotel and travel in order to co-opt their support. Sometimes, they just play 'buddies,' like politicians do, for a lifetime.
Sen. John McCain: 'I'm your buddy'
US politicians like Arizona Senator John McCain skillfully use public relations and the 'I'm your buddy,' approach in false propaganda campaigns. This includes the so-called Navajo Hopi Land Dispute, which was actually aimed at removing more than 14,000 Navajos from Black Mesa for Peabody Coal. The same coal fuels the dirty Navajo Generating Station, which supplies electricity to the Southwest, while most Navajos at Black Mesa live without running water and electricity.
While riding in Navajo parades, McCain consistently worked behind closed doors pushing policies to annihilate Navajos.
Recently McCain joined Sen. Jon Kyl, and corrupt tribal politicians and non-Indian attorneys, in an attempt to steal Navajo and Hopi water rights for thirsty and wasteful Arizona cities, and to keep the dirty electricity flowing south from coal fired Navajo Generating Station, operated by Salt River Project (SRP) while poisoning Navajos.
McCain's pork spin also enriches corporate profiteers like Boeing at the US/Mexico border, by promoting hype and anti-migrant hysteria. The hysteria also fuels funding of the for-profit corporate prisons filled with migrants and people of color, both GEO and CCA.
McCain's spin also enriches the war corporations aimed at killing people in other countries, ensuring that corporations like Raytheon Missiles in Tucson will get more US dollars to kill people. There's always a new US enemy to keep the war dollars flowing to war corporations.
Drones make it as easy to kill civilians as the suspected enemies, and none will ever have their day in court. It just takes a few computer keyboard taps to kill lots of people who appear on Obama's kill list.
Indigenous spokesmen at the United Nations
When examining news articles, look closely at the people taking over as spokesmen for Indigenous issues at the United Nations. Are they wannabe frauds, heavily-funded academia, or on the 'personal glory train?'
Lakota Alex White Plume, from Pine Ridge, South Dakota, recently demanded at the United Nations that the Indigenous representatives at the UN are people who can speak their own Native languages so they can truly represent their own grassroots people.
Buying that voice
All corporate news is heavily controlled by the private agendas of the owners, and profiteering advertisers. When listening to Native American radio news, or looking at Native newspapers or magazines like Native Peoples, first listen to, and look at, the advertisements, to see who is controlling their voice.
If the first thing you hear, or see, is Chevron, Exxon, Shell, Peabody Coal, a casino, or the CIA Clandestine Services (CIA spies) that should tell you why the media source is not adequately exposing the truth.
If the advertiser is a Native American casino, investigate and see if the people are actually receiving more than a trickle of those millions or billions.
For example, at the Tohono O'odham Desert Diamond Casino bordering Tucson, you can see that it is packed with gamblers, and has been for a decade.
Drive across the Tohono O'odham Nation and you will see that most of the people are living in desperation. Talk to O'odham and see how many are desperate for food, firewood in winter, and a ride to the grocery store, as well as homes and jobs.
To discover why the truth is not being told, ask whether the tribal government allows freedom of the press. This includes authentic reporters present in its council sessions, which the Navajo Nation allows under its freedom of the press guidelines. Freedom of the press also includes the freedom to interview O'odham without tribal government interference, control or intimidation. Ask whether the Tohono O'odham tribal radio station staff is under the control, and located in the department, of the tribal chairman.
It is easy to see that most of the Desert Diamond millions, or billions, has gone to non-Indians: Casino management firms, attorneys, lobbyists, public relations firms, non-Indian outside charities, and a large percentage to the state of Arizona. There is no way to know how much just disappears from casinos, and who are the favored few receiving their cut.
Recently the Desert Diamond casino even bought out the voice of Tucson television news with advertising.
Investigate how non-Indians and wannabe frauds cashed in on the concept of Indian sovereignty nationwide to enrich themselves by way of creating 'Indian' casinos and secret cash flows to non-Indians.
The public approval strategy included changing the word 'gambling' to 'gaming,' and restricting the facts in regards to how much money is going to non-Indians and the states. Native American performers and talent are minimized in the entertainment venues.
Non-Indian consultants were put in place to control the money and decisions at many 'Indian' casinos.
Ask reporters at Indian newspapers, including Indian Country Today,  if they were forbidden to report this story. Ask real reporters in the field, not plagiarizers sitting in their chairs.
Today, one of the most censored issues is how gambling addictions are destroying Native families and lives.
Spinning for profiteers
The news has become a deceptive tool to sway public opinion, promote bogus wars, and enrich warmonger corporations who consider people of color and poor whites as expendables in bogus wars. The US military romanticizes enlisting in the military and going to war in its TV commercials, and relies on the failed economy to force young people into the military.
The US military refuses to tell the real facts of the high rate of soldier suicides, high rate of rapes by fellow US soldiers, and the inhumane treatment of sick and disabled US soldiers in veterans hospitals. The media follows by promoting bogus wars and encouraging young people to give their lives without even questioning whether the war is legitimate.
Don't be fooled by spin
Print journalism has been degraded to an all time low, with armchair journalists who never leave their chairs plagiarizing for a paycheck.
Radio news is held hostage by desperation for dollars, with broadcasters offering degrading performances, while performing their news tricks for corporate masters.
Don't be fooled by the private agendas, or get caught up in the hype and spin.

Brenda Norrell has been a news reporter in Indian country for 31 years, beginning as a staff writer for Navajo Times during the 18 years she lived on the Navajo Nation. After serving as a stringer for AP and USA Today on Navajoland, she was a longtime staff writer at Indian Country Today covering the Southwest. She was censored repeatedly, then terminated with no cause given, at Indian Country Today in 2006. She created Censored News as a platform for Censored Native voices. Censored News is now in its 7th year with more than 2 million views and has no advertising or sponsors.

Mohawk Nation News 'Canada Demonstrates Corporatism'



MNN. APR. 4, 2013. Canada is the first corporate state that the bankers want to model all other states after for the one world order. Minister of Foreign Affairs, John, Baird is used to the banker-controlled Canadian press, not to answering real questions. He confirmed that Canada is a corporation that depends on money, bribery and lies, as all corporations do. The Foreign Affairs Minister’s job is to deliver the bribe, eg., “Sign this, or vote like this, or you won’t get any money”.
"This press conference is now closed".
“This press conference is now closed”.
Prime Minister Harper runs a corporation that pretends to be a democracy. People are subjects with no say. The banker shareholders decide everything. The Senators’ are the directors that oversee the officers. The Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and Finance Minister are the officers. Their job is to maximize profits for the shareholders.  
On March 31, 2013 a press conference was held in Jordan to talk about Syria and trade with Jordan. Baird said there is no tradition of coalition governments in Canada!! The Harper Conservatives with 38% run Parliament counting it as a majority. Harper’s favorite biography was about Josef Stalin, who said, “It matters not who wins the vote, only who counts it”.
Sheik: "Canada's not a country?"
Sheik: “Canada’s not a country?”
Canada is a firm backer of Israel. Should Israel fall, so would Canada and the US. An AD-Dustour reporter asked about Canada being under the rule of the Queen of England. Baird said the Governor General is appointed by the Prime Minister, with the approval of the Queen. The Governor General does as he’s told by the Prime Minister. In 2008, Harper almost got a vote of non-confidence over his objection to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the Kyoto Protocol. He said Canada’s economy would collapse. Prime Minister Harper went to the Governor General to dissolve Parliament. A General Election was called. 
An Efranews reporter asked about why Canada pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3% at the Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen, while the EU agreed to 20% to 30%. The Jordan Star reporter asked about Canada being the only UN country unwilling to combat Desertification. 
Baird explained Parliament is not involved in international agreements. The Prime Minister and cabinet can sign or ratify or withdraw from international instruments. They can secretly sign any international covenant, convention or treaty. Canada is not a country. It is an off-shore corporation that must generate profits for the shareholders. 
bribeAnother reporter asked about Canada’s refusal to adopt the UN Declaration on a nuclear arms free Middle East. Canada has a double standard by condoning Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons while condemning Iran. Baird said Israel was a democracy, Iran was not. Then a reporter suggested that Canada sounded more like an autocracy than a democracy. Baird mumbled incoherently and shut down the Press Conference. As the Beatles sang” “I need a fix cause I’m goin’ down.  Down to the bits that I’ve left up town. I need a fix  because ‘m goin down.”Happiness is a warm gun
MNN Mohawk Nation News  For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 

Mohawk Nation News 'Sexual Rev'



MNN. Apr. 3, 2013. Pedophilia is promoted at the highest level of the Canadian corporate structure, the  PMO [Prime Minister’s Office]. The need to indulge in the desire for natural sex is the most potent human emotion to create action. The state is continually trying to control it to their advantage.
The goal of the Sexual Revolution is to change the moral compass off of true north and bring it under the control of evil. By manipulating the data, perversion and the occult have almost become the norm. Dr. Albert Kinsey was a sadistic bisexual psychopath. He was able to partially move the moral compass by merging sexology (big porn and big pharma) to create the global “Sex Industrial Complex”. 
Sexual turnoff!
Kinsey promoted by the top media!

The state wanted to control sexual energy from birth, to destroy free will and conscience. Sex had to become perverted and guilt-ridden. Women as the natural center of the family had to be violated. In their “Secret Covenant”  their greatest fear is stated: “They must never ever find out what we’ve done. If they do, we shall have no place to run. It will be easy to see who we are once the veil has fallen. They will hunt us down and no person shall give us shelter.”Secret Covenant
The normal “firewall” against moral corruption had to be eroded to divert the sexual impulse. Perverted sex was used to control advancement in the hierarchical order and direct people to do the bankers’ bidding.  
Kinsey, a eugenicist, [1894-1956] researched sex in males and females at Indiana University, funded through Rockefeller, Carnegie and Hugh Hefner Foundations. Government took over education, media and all influential institutions to promote this destructive program.
Kinsey’s corrupt secret scheme is still the basis of education, especially early childhood development. He said sex with infants, children and animals is natural to the human animal from birth. Marriage is ownership of women and children by men. 
Young minds were conditioned to “love” greed, sensual pleasure and perpetual dissatisfaction. Children and adolescents were shown how to enjoy immorality, express designed desires, how to have many sexual partners, to act and dress provocatively, the computer games and phones they can’t live without and to mistrust their parents. Education became rote dog training instead of analytical thinking. Starting in the 1950s unwholesome media fare, mainstream porn, erotic and violence based entertainment and games, drugs and alcohol, were aimed at young minds.   
Kinsey promoted male pedophilia. His two books in 1948 and 1953 advocated abolishing sex crimes and that predators get therapy, instead of long prison terms or execution. Laws were weakened that protected women, children and marriage. Government amended the 1955 “Model Penal Code” MPC. Prison sentences were shortened for 52 major sex crimes and the sex education curricula conformed to Kinsey’s perverted ideas. 
The state took over sex education from the parents, using graphic erotic material. Sexual diseases and dysfunction skyrocketed. Crime quadrupled. 
Kinsey worked with Nazi pedophile, Dr. Fritz Von Balluseck, for over 30 years, before, during and after WW II; also American pedophile, Rex King, for over 20 years. Both provided Kinsey with reports on sexual abuses of thousands of children. Kinsey designed technical reporting systems to get minute details of their sexual abuse of children from 2 months to 16 years of age. They said that infants and children are orgiastic 
unborn kidDuring the 1930s Nazi doctors experimented on Indigenous children who were placed in Canadian government and church run residential school death camps. Over 55,000 children were murdered.   
Judith Reisman exposed his unscientific fraud in “Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences”, condemning the abuse of thousands of babies and young boys.  
Our ancestors saw that sexual abusers did not have natural affection like real human beings. According to Kinsey, you aren’t going to get any satisfaction until the moral compass points to the true north again. As Mick Jagger sang: Satisfaction “He’s telling me more and more about some useless information, supposed to fire my imagination. I can’t get no, no, no, no! I can’t get no satisfaction”. rolling stones
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Stop the Eviction of Lehman Brightman, founder United Native Americans

(L to R) Black Americans and American Indians United
San Francisco, 1976
Clyde Bellecourt, Kathleen Cleaver, Lehman Brightman
Elder Abuse By Contra Costa County & Wells Fargo Bank

Press statement
Posted at Censored News
*Stop the Eviction of Lehman and Quanah Brightman*
When: April 4th 2013
Where Richmond Court 100 37th street
Richmond Ca, 94805
We are asking our Community of
Home Defenders & Indigenous Warriors to Gather in Support of Stopping the Eviction of the Brightman Family from their Home of 26 years.
We Believe It's Time for Contra Costa County to Honor Public Law 100-606 & the Home Owner Bill of Rights.
We are asking Contra Costa County to Dismiss the Unlawful Detainer Complaint Against 82 year old Elder, Dr. Lehman L. Brightman and son Quanah Brightman.
"The Public Guardian Office in Contra Costa County allowed Indigenous Resistance Leader Dr.Lehman Brightman's Home to be Foreclosed by Wells Fargo by Neglecting to Protect My Father's Estate and Infringing upon Indigenous Sovereignty. Contra Costa County could have very easily ensured in Protecting My Father's Estate by applying for the Veterans United Home Loans, HUD Sec 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program, or Keep Your Home California. Anyone of these Programs would have allowed us to Save Dr. Brightman's Home Honoring His Requests to Return to His Home to Live Out His Final Days, Instead of  being Neglected and Abused at Kindred Walnut Creek where I have Documented through the California Department of Public Health and The California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform on the Abuse My 82 year old Father has been victim of.  
Thank you to Everyone who has Offered our family Prayers & Support during these difficult times," said Quanah Parker Brightman

For More Information Contact
Quanah Parker Brightman
Please Join Tenants Occupy to Save Dr. Lehman Brightman's Home-Working Group at:

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