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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Livestream: Coal Blockade: Little boat blocks coal ship May 15, 2013

BREAKING: Live Blockade of Coal Ship in MA.

Two blockaders have anchored their boat in the path of a coal ship. You can view their live stream and read more on the action here:

Mohawk Nation News 'King of Canada?'


MNN. May 16, 2013. The bloodline bankers of Europe are trying to hang onto control of our $105 trillion Indian Trust Fund. Great Turtle Island is governed by the law of the land, Kaianerehkowa, the Great Law of Peace. The Corporation of Canada has no claim to our land, resources and money.

Mohawk Nation News 'Baby Indian Act'


MNN. May 15, 2013. Baby Indian Act was hatched in 1876 in the parking lot by Parliament Hill in Ottawa. It was the birth of a monster whose job was to “Go out and finish off the Indians”. It was the foundation of the NAZI holocaust and the South African apartheid regime. It’s the “iron fist” to justify the immoral “manifest destiny” to occupy our land by force. The crime that breaks down the rule of law is genocide, when a military power occupies the territory of a foreign nation. Baby Indian Act’s job was to fill mass graves with Indigenous and break the spirit of the survivors or anyone who resisted them.

Mohawk Nation News: Injun Troubles

MNN. May 14, 2013. The main concerns of the banksters are how to keep the stolen ever-growing $100 trillion Indian Trust Fund. Then how to carry out the “final solution of the Indian problem”, set in place 90 years ago by Duncan Campbell Scott. They want to keep our stolen funds and resources.

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