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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Supai Waters 'Stories to appease the opposing'

Havasuapi Supai Waters/Photo Dawn Dyer
Front line appeasements

By Supai Waters
Damon Watahomigie
Censored New

Here are the stories  to appease the opposing. When in any direction given for you to travel and seek solitude, to look for and protect the sacred and the holy, there you meet confrontation which can be, and will be, the tricksters at play. 
Then and there in those moments of effortless flaws, you then retreat and play the sacred games, the shiny game, hiding the ball game or the stick games, to be given acceptance and that no harm will come to you or others -- each and every sacred ground you bless and pray for. Don't pick up anything from the earth that was there before you got there, and at any victory you then let an arrow fly to the east, to the south, west and north -- which will open the skies for the fire prayers to ascend. 
Hail to the water nation, hail to the soil nation, hail to the spirit air nation and hail to all plains nations. Hoka. 

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