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Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Ancient Warriors aid in defense of the land by Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham

Photo ABC News
"Truck with Trump wall material out of Tucson headed west onto State Highway 86. The same type of dangerous hazardous loads crossing O'odham lands every day. State highway 86 is located in the middle of the Tohono O'odham Nation, federal reservation." -- Ofelia Rivas. Photos above and below by Ofelia Rivas.

Ancient Warriors aid in defense of the land by Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham

By Ofelia Rivas, Tohono O'odham
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The ancient warriors have aided in defense of the land (this includes all, original people, plants, animals and all sacred elements.)

The natural world has not compromised its original ways of life of powerful peaceful balance and quiet gentle acknowledgment of all.

The continuous genocidal tactics and political alterations of society's protective laws, to destroy and cultivate hate, is the living legacy of these foreign invaders, from the first slaughter of civilization with weapons, diseases, chemicals and technology, we have survived.

The killing of children, women and our relatives the saguaro cactus, we will survive.

Indigenous peoples' destiny to survive is not a written manifesto by man, it is a universal mandate agreed upon by all forces and elements of the universe.

The young people are waiting for direction and leadership to confront the onslaught, yet the survival directives are innate, our knowledge is innate, as John Trudell said it is in our DNA.

The revolution of consciousness starts with an offering, an acknowledgment of all and those ancient warriors will aide.  We are here to conduct our way of life and witness.

Dine' Leoyla Cowboy is National Lawyer Guild's Legal Worker of the Year

Legal Worker Award: Leoyla Cowboy

Leoyla Cowboy is a citizen of the Dine Nation born to the Salt Water Clan (To’dikozhi). Leoyla studied Business Administration and Native American Studies at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. She has worked as a grassroots organizer with the Red Nation Coalition in Albuquerque and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Leoyla testified at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights hearing on the criminalization of Indigenous people fighting resource extraction and worked with various groups on dismantling settler colonialism. Currently, she is an organizer for the Water Protector Legal Collective, prison abolitionist, and an active member of the NoDAPL political prisoners support committee.

Watch the video by Carl Williams Leoyla Cowboy dedicates award to Standing Rock prisoners. Accepting the award, Leoyla shares the fight for freedom and justice.
"Our lands are just like our grandmothers, our moms."

Leoyla Cowboy in Jamaica preparing to testify on Standing Rock
political prisoners at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
Photo by Brenda Norrell
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Leoyla Cowboy testifies before Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Jamaica in May 2019 by Censored News:

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