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February 8, 2020

CANADA: Militarized police arrest four, detain reporter, damage vehicles in second attack on Wet'suwet'en camps

Article by Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Four more Land Defenders were arrested on Friday, as Wet'su'weten protected their land from the Coastal GasLink pipeline construction at Gidimt'en checkpoint. Land Defenders placed their vehicles in the path of RCMP to prevent the police from leaving with those arrested and were holding a Ceremony for their protection. The vehicles were towed, and moved by a bulldozer and damaged, as militarized RCMP made the second attack on this  Wet'suwet'en camp on Friday, leaving Chiefs, elderly and a pregnant woman stranded in the cold, according to live reports.

Throughout Canada, the call went out to 'Shut Down Canada' and Native people blocked trains, bridges and government offices. Akwesasne Mohawks blocked the border.

The Ricochet reporter was detained multiple times by RCMP to prevent him from reporting, as the militarized police made the second assault on Wet'suwet'en camp on Friday. Ricochet announced throughout Friday that they had lost contact with their live reporter.

Hereditary Chief Na'moks said those arrested were on their own territory and were not blocking any construction, which hasn't progressed in the cold weather since December, CBC reports.

"We were living there before the exclusion zone," Na'moks said. He added that police have asked residents of a cabin to leave. "You can't abandon your home."

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Unknown said...

The MSM covers every protest in every part of the world where the U.S. and Canadian elites want to overthrow the current government - but one is hard pressed to find any mention whatsoever of Indigenous protests anywhere in the world against the continued exploitation by Western colonizers. Shameful.