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February 26, 2020

Kahnawake Mohawks reinforce barricade after railroad gains injunction

Kahnawake Mohawks reinforced a barricade today.
The injunction from CN railroad has not yet been delivered to Kahnawake Mohawks, south of Montreal.
by Montreal Gazette
Watch below:

Barricade has support of Kahnawake community

Montreal Gazette
“Visitors come with coffee, food, firewood and other goods to keep the protesters on the tracks supplied with everything they need for a long standoff. Others come just to keep their friends and relatives company, often with babies or small children in tow.” Barricade has support of Kahnawake Mohawk community: Montreal Gazette.
Breaking news Wednesday afternoon:
Wetsuweten Hereditary Chief Na'moks says governments canceled meetings with the Hereditary Chiefs at around 4:30PM today. "We would not ask other nations and allies to step down so both Governments have walked away," he said. Na'moks said BC and Canada had asked us to ask other nations and allies to step down. "We can't do that ... We live in a free country, we can't do that." Na'moks said the Mohawks are free to make their own decisions. Listen here on Twitter;
Haudenosaunee statement: "Premier Legault Makes False Statement about Weapons'

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