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February 15, 2020

Red Nation Rally in Solidarity with Palestine Relatives in Santa Fe

Red Nation Photo Today: Honoring the Palestinian martyrs today in Ogapogeh.

By Red Nation

Censored News

Santa Fe, New Mexico —The Red Nation-Santa Fe (TRN-SF) to hold rally in solidarity with our Palestinian relatives and to protest the City of Santa Fe’s decision to deny approval of DinĂ© artist Remy’s murals on the wall at the corner of Old Pecos Trail and Camino Lejo.


WHAT: “Resist, My People, Resist Them” Rally

WHEN: Saturday, February 15, 2020; Reclamation of Tewa land and replacement of the murals at 1:00 PM; Rally at 2:00PM

WHERE: Corner of Old Pecos Trail and Camino Lejo

Since 2014, the wall at the corner of Old Pecos Trail and Camino Lejo has been used as a canvas to show solidarity with and draw attention to the brutal occupation of the Palestinian people. The wall, which belongs to Santa Fe resident Guthrie Miller, has had dozens of posters, signs, and art on it over the years, all with similar messaging. The images have been vandalized or destroyed every time. After the first incident of vandalism, Guthrie Miller, the property owner, applied for and was granted a permit by the city and has only displayed the city-approved three-by-five foot signs ever since.

On January 4, a Diné activist and artist who goes by the name Remy installed a series of large-scale works on the wall, each depicting an image taken from the news. These were also quickly destroyed, in the dark of night.

“I lived with a Palestinian family in the US around the time 9/11 happened,” Remy said. “There were a lot of connections we were making in terms of our Indigenous struggles.” The artist likens his own resistance to that of Faris Odeh, the young boy depicted facing a tank. “Even though I’m using everything in my arsenal, I’m up against armor and steel,” he said. Remy also created a video work of the project, which can be found on his Instagram page (@f1rstse7en). “Art should move you to change,” he emphasized.

“To the racists who tried to destroy the images of Indigenous struggle while living on stolen Tewa Land: This was never about a single wall in your bourgeoisie, upper class, institutional art city. Our resistance is global, therefore, so are we.”

The Red Nation stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people and with Remy. We stand against those who would vandalize Indigenous art while the City of Santa Fe profits from it and from the very presence of Native communities and culture. This is Tewa Land. You are colonizers on Native Land, here and in Palestine. Remember that.




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