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February 7, 2020

Canadian militarized police attack second Wet'suwet'en camp

Unist'ot'en Camp
"We are surrounded by a tactical unit. We are unarmed Indigenous People on our own territory."
Live video on Twitter

11:20 am - A third round of helicopters just dropped off more tactical teams, bringing the total of police behind the Gidimt'en camp anywhere up to 24 if they are dropping off full teams.
11:18 am - "They're reading us the injunction as they're dropping off tactical teams," we just heard from Gidimt'en. RCMP have kettled the camp. 30 police up front, at least a dozen behind.
11:17 am - RCMP are now in front of the Gidimten bridge reading the injunction through a loudspeaker. Two helicopters have landed behind the camp once more, dropping two more tactical teams. 3 to 4 officers getting off each heli - so a dozen or more RCMP are behind them.
11:11 am - Two RCMP helicopters landed behind Gidimt'en and dropped off at least four members of the tactical team, then took off again. Tac team was seen heading into the bush with snowshoes. RCMP has approached the gate again. Gidimt'en checkpoint is now surrounded.
Two snowmobiles are staged in front of the gate, and two tactical teams are staged behind. So the Gidimten camp has been kettled, likely by snipers.
10:59 am - The Gidimten Checkpoint has a visual of RCMP Bronze Commander Rob Pikola. They have now confirmed visual of an officer with an assault rifle. There are now 30 officers counted at Gidimten
checkpoint, including tac team and a commander.
10:57 am - A group of industry workers are inspecting the metal gate to figure out how to get through it. A couple tactical officers were seen moving sleds of equipment that they stashed out of view.
@Gidimten are wondering if the equipment is weapons of some kind.
10:43 am - Officers inspected the Gidimt'en's metal gate, and then retreated it, likely to figure out how to breach it.
10:38 am - RCMP officers have now all lined up at the gate of
@Gidimten checkpoint.
10:33 am - Gidimten can now see 12 vehicles including a bulldozer & ambulance. The bulldozer is clearing right up to the bridge. 1 industry worker is present with 13 officers standing behind them, with likely many more behind them. We're told "we can't see the end of the line of vehicles."
10:19 am - There is now a low-flying chopper overhead as police move in. It is a black chopper, not an RCMP chopper.
10:04 am - can now see three tactical officers.
10:02 am - @Gidimten checkpoint has visual of 14 RCMP including liaisons. One tactical police officer. No assault weapons visible yet, just sidearms.
9:52 am - The plow clearing the road is being escorted into Gidimten by two tactical units and 11 other RCMP.
9:48 am - The RCMP have arrived at Gidimten checkpoint, and are walking into the camp. We've heard 8 regular RCMP and one tactical RCMP officer are on foot.
The plow is moving forward to plow into the gate at 44.
9:39 am - RCMP walking on foot to checkpoint at 44km. A plow is now visible approaching the Gidimten checkpoint, clearing the way for RCMP.
8:45 am - RCMP are apparently idling around the corner from the Gidimten checkpoint. We're hearing reports that they are under drone surveillance. We heard this this morning that the convoy of RCMP was 2km long.
8:15 am - 55 vehicles were seen heading up the road past 27km towards the Gidimten checkpoint. We've just heard 44km can hear RCMP but have no visual.
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