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February 27, 2020

Mohawk describes being punched and choked by police during attack at Tyendinaga

Punched, thrown on the ground and choked by police on Tyendinaga land, Mohawk Land Defender Nick Kolbasook describes the OPP attack at Wyman's Road in Tyendinaga

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Nick Kolbasook, Akwesasne Mohawk, said Tyendinaga Mohawk asked for help as they made their stand in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en and it was his responsibility to help.

When the Ontario Provincial Police attacked the Tyendinaga alongside the rail tracks on Monday, he said, "I wasn't resisting." 

Nick describes in this video how five police grabbed him, and two began punching him. Then they threw him on the ground.

"Two of them started punching me."

"They piled on me, drove me to the ground," he said, describing how they stepped on his arm.

"They began kicking me in the face," he said adding that they kicked him in the head.

"I got kicked in the face a lot."

"One of them got down and started choking me."

Nick was unable to breathe until the officer stopped choking him. 

Then he was arrested and stuffed into a dog cage.

Nick said the police came on to Tyendinaga land and attacked the people. "This is all Mohawk territory."

"They brutalized people and treated people like animals."

"I love all my people. I love my land."

"Our laws, our traditions were here before Canadian laws."

Nick's message is for people to have more compassion and understanding, and to take on more responsibility.

After the public viewed this video yesterday, there has been a widespread demand for felony assault charges to be filed against the Ottawa Provincial Police officers who committed this crime.

Real Peoples Media said, "In this video Nick Kolbasook speaks about what happened to him when the OPP violently attacked Mohawk people who refused to let trains run through their lands. The Mohawks objected to Canada committing an act of genocide by using the RCMP to forcefully remove the Wet'suwet'en people from their lands in order to run a pipeline through their pristine lands."

Watch video at Real Peoples Media

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Unknown said...

it is also a crime ,if they do that to an animal ,the idea to look here is hate ,always was and still exist today.the OPP is provincial .in the treaty it is clearly state if anyone attack or disturb aboriginal they should be braught to a court and be punish.also for any issue or the nature of disagreement that it has to be dealt in a civil court .WELL HERE THEY NEVER UNDERSTOOD TREATY RIGHT