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February 24, 2020

Canadian Police Attack Tyendinaga Mohawks at Rail Blockade -- Video by Real Peoples Media

Watch video below by Real Peoples Media as Ontario Provincial Police attacked Tyendinaga Mohawks at the rail blockade in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs, on Monday morning. Mohawks were actually off the side of the tracks and not on the tracks. There were 10 arrests.

Real Peoples Media is live on Monday night from Tyendinaga camps\

Photo below: Listen to their song at the Tyendinaga rail blockade on Monday evening. Video by Real Peoples Media.

Below: It takes a mob of cops to take down one young Native man. Tyendinaga Monday. Watch video on Twitter.

Watch video below

Solidarity actions expand across Canada after Tyendinaga Mohawks attacked and arrested on Monday

Christopher Curtis said on Twitter, "The Mohawks in Kanesatake shut down their community to the outside world, disrupting their own economy to show solidarity with the people of Tyendinaga arrested in today's OPP raid. People left school, left their jobs, put their lives on hold to mount a resistance."

More actions in Shut Down Canada on Facebook at:

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