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Berkeley City Council will vote to honor Geronimo

Berkeley City Council will vote to honor Geronimo

By Berkeley City Council
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BERKELEY, Calif. -- (Nov 9, 2011) The Berkeley City Council will vote on a revised resolution from the City’s Peace and Justice Commission to honor the life and memory of the Chiricahua Apache leader Geronimo at its regular meeting on November 15, 2011.

The resolution quotes verbatim H. Res. 132 [111th]: Honoring the life and memory of the Chiricahua Apache leader Goyathlay or Goyaale, also known as Geronimo; of February 23, 2009.

In addition to acknowledging the heroic life of Geronimo, the resolution condemns the misuse of the name “Geronimo” by the United States federal government for military purposes, and recalls that Native American tribal governments requested a formal apology for the use the name Geronimo in reference to the assassination of Osama Bin Laden from President Obama earlier this year.

The resolution refers to Geronimo’s autobiography as an historic document appropriate for history curricula in U.S. schools.

The Council first considered the resolution at its October 25 meeting but held it off to the November 15 agenda so that a committee of Councilmembers including Linda Maio, Jesse Arreguin, and Kriss Worthington can refine the “resolved” section. At the October 25 meeting, the Council passed a separate resolution to End Racial or Ethnic Stereotypes in Team Names, Mascots and other Public Titles.

Original Resolution:

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