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November 10, 2011

Mohawk Nation News: Deadly shell game is over!

MNN EDITORIAL: Deadly shell game is over!
Mohawk Nation News

MNN Nov. 6, 2011. Western society is a closed society. Families are mostly immediate members. Victimization of women and children is hidden.

Indigenous communal society is open. We are one family.

The white race has always experimented on their own people to create humans that are obedient. Their economic, social and government institutions reflect this. They seek to domesticate and control all other humans.

The international partnership of bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, corporations and military have committed mass murders to try to instill hopelessness and fear in us.

Global control is a big shell game based on these entities controlling our money. Their confidence trick is to perpetrate fraud to take over the world. It’s imploding. They need another con game to create world fascism.

US President Obama vows to try to erase our inherent tie to our land by revolution so as to steal it. We are resisting this attempted split between us and our mother, the earth.

Killing, brutalizing, displaying Gadafi’s bloody body was meant to disrupt our system. It didn’t.

At the current “occupy” protests cops and protesters are from the same herd. Cops see anyone on the street as a potential enemy. These elite controlled sheepdogs fire at their own people to scare and herd them back in line, to get them ready for the great culling.

Cops fear coming face to face with the “free ones”. At us they send drones, chemical weapons, bombs and killer bacteria.

They think they can outsmart nature.

Caucasians are basically plain people, colorless, with uneven features and suffer from genetic anomalies.

Addiction to plastic surgery is rampant among their rulers and the social climbers, to look younger, fitter and show off their wealth. They have no respect for elders.

They get surgically fixed up cute-like so they can be favored pets. “Here, cutie, cutie.”

The women favor the Barbie Doll look: short nose, overblown lips, blond, blue eyed with generic even features, big boobs, fake bronzed skin and straight capped teeth. The men are paranoid of going bald.

Are they hiding their reptilian forbears? We can still see their immoral system of oppression of mankind and that the world is based on white privilege.

“We shall hide the truth so close in their face, they shall not recognize it until it is too late”. [The Secret Covenant, Constitution of the Blood Line.]

Drawing blood was how the colonists got our possessions. They fear losing their self-centered dream, not being able to pay their college, house and car loans or their vacations.

The betrayed occupy protesters keep supporting their worse tyrants.

They face their tormentors, saying, “Look, see what you’re doing to me!” Their masters say, “Good. Suffer some more!” To stop their complaining, they’re stroked once in a while.

The free ones cannot submit to anyone. The rulers are obsessed with wiping out our naturalness.

Indigenous defenders are guerrilla strategists. Our initiative comes from nature. We can start all over again as long as we have our minds, our land, our lives and our people.

The rulers tried unsuccessfully to change us by slapping, beating, and trying to make us run back to lick their hand. Those “unfit’ were sterilized or “put down”.

We live in close knit family groups. We loathe captivity and are suspicious of strangers. Those who rebel are targeted and disposed of, one way or another.

According to Darwin’s research on selective breeding, the brains of domesticated animals is 23.9% to 35% smaller than their wild predecessors, such as the wolf and present day dogs. Domestics are being taken care of. They don’t need large brains. They don’t even need chains.

Domestic animals are artificially bred to be submissive to their masters. They pet, abuse them and then call them back for a pat on the head, who then wag their tails in submission.

Using this model, the rulers introduced their people to hierarchy. They eat anything and too much, grow fast, don’t flee, submit themselves to social control and are not tied to the land and the natural world.

The rulers need other humans to look after and work for them. Humbleness is rewarded. Free and independent thinkers are weeded out.

Their unnatural habitats called “cities” are toxic and unsustainable.

The “Civilized” tried to get the Indigenous to do their work, get their food and take care of them. We wanted to show them how to take care of themselves.

Colonizers found that a species that has no fear of them can be quickly exterminated. Over 100 million of us in the Western hemisphere were murdered.

Canada tried unsuccessfully to make us become obedient servants. Half our children in their residential school, over 50,000, died or were murdered, through deliberate infections, experimentation, perversion by upper levels of the church, political, judicial and police systems.

Recently a Texas judge and his wife were secretly videotaped brutally beating their 16 year old daughter with a leather strap. She screamed and cried. The next day she was swollen and bruised and her father said, “good”.

In another true story, a preacher’s wife and mother of 3, shot her husband dead. He had been abusing her, making her watch pornography, dress up like a whore and performed perverted sex on her. She was acquitted.

Both these stealth predators are upper middle class. They can cover up their abuse. Their victims did not question it until they snapped.

Robert Jensen in “Why White People are Afraid” summarizes [AlterNet] that:

They got their wealth through the work of others. They stole the resources to make weapons to control the people and strip the earth.

They fear losing what they stole if the political and social systems become fair. If the hierarchy evaporated, resources would be evenly shared.

They committed genocide to get and keep what they took. They know of their depravity. Their greatest fear is that everyone can see that hierarchy is a lie.

When we become the majority, will we treat them the same way they mistreated us? When we were the majority, we took care of them.

The US has created Non-Human Zones to decrease the population of “immigrants” [Indigenous] whom they call “undesirables”. They think brown couples shouldn’t have children or only one. They, however, can have more as nature is depopulating them.

They are being absorbed out of existence. The children of mixed couples are predominantly colored.

Can domestication be bred out? It took thousands of years to create the servile class by setting up the hierarchy and perverting the truth.

How far will they go? Let’s get ready to rock!

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Anonymous said...

Brenda, I am saddened that you chose to publish this statement. We can all agree on calling out "civilized" society and it's wrong doings. We all want environmental justice as well as legal and otherwise, justice for the indigenous nations. But statements like "Caucasians are basically plain people, colorless, with uneven features and suffer from genetic anomalies." are grossly racist and indefensible. I cannot understand why you would choose to post this.

Steve and Cheryl Thomson said...

As a white woman, I have been familiar with Brenda's work here in Canada for years. And if Brenda chooses to post something, it is for one reason. It is the truth. You know what, montana2010? When you get hung up on what you have been told is politically correct on the one hand, or indefensible on the other; when you get that kneejerk reaction to what is called "racist" on the one hand, versus what science has taught us about the optimum conditions for genetically developing a superior natural breed of any animal; getting hung up in that way just puts blinders on you and controls you. When a wolf mates with a dog, what do you get? A bad dog and a bad wolf. Caucasians of all nations have lost their souls because they forgot that nations were given them by God for a reason. A nation of people is homogenous. Mongrels should not run the world. Actually, they are unfit for much.

Censored News, publisher Brenda Norrell said...

Hi, Thanks for your comments on all sides of the issues. Kahentinetha, publisher of Mohawk Nation News, is a regular contributor to Censored News. Please feel free to contact her at: