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November 6, 2011

Watch live today: Tar Sands: Thousands surround the White House

IEN delegation/Photo Clayton Thomas Muller
TAR SANDS ACTION! Watch live today as thousands surround the White House Today, Sunday
Nov. 6, 2:00 pm Eastern time
'NO!' to Keystone XL Pipeline
Tar Sands Action
Sierra Club

The Big Day: Let’s Go #Surround the White House

By Tar Sands Action
It’s time.
Bold Nebraska has arrived! Photo Tar Sands Action 
Thousands of people are waking up across the District of Columbia this morning and a preparing to head down to the White House to join hands with one another and stand up to the Keystone XL pipeline. It’s going to be an incredible event and a great step forward for this growing movement.

Last night, around 500 people packed into a church up in Columbia Heights for an evening of speeches, music, and (most importantly) planning for the weeks and months ahead. One thing is already clear from our time in DC: this pipeline has lit a spark amongst everyday folks across the country. Farmers in Texas are planning direct actions in case the pipeline is built, students in North Carolina and Ohio are preparing to make sure that their important electoral states swing “no” against Keystone XL, and more. As the evening continued, more and more buses of people showed up. And more are still coming in this morning.
It’s going to be very good day for the 99% of us who aren’t an executive at TransCanada.

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