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November 29, 2011

Twitter champion for human rights

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

Twitter has become a champion for human rights, with its real time alerts on abuses around the world and exposures of censored news articles. This is where Twitter excels, making Facebook now seem archaic, like an ancestor's chest of old clothes.

Facebook's random freezing of accounts and deletion of data is increasing. Facebook also supplies law enforcement with tracking data, since IP addresses are saved every time a user logs in. In fact, Facebook saves everything, even what you have deleted. Further, Facebook increasingly has trolls who want to persuade, disrupt and confuse.

Twitter, however, has become the medium for a global audience who doesn't want to read too much. Internet readers these days want a few sentences and photos. They want it quickly and clearly. Most of all, they want it now.

When Egypt opened fire on protesters with real bullets, those chilling words came across on Twitter. When Berkeley police beat young women students in their stomachs with batons at the Occupy movement, the horrifying video appeared quickly on Twitter. When a UC Davis officer methodically pepper sprayed seated students in their faces, the photos spiraled around the world. When Scott Olsen, member of Iraq Veterans against the War, was shot in the head by police at Oakland and was unresponsive on the pavement, a photo appeared, before the name and the story that followed.

Here's a few examples from Twitter now, which show breaking news, censored news and news links, Nov. 29 at noon:

Occupy Vancouver
URGENT vpd currently arresting occupiers @ VAG. Cameras, livestream, witnesses required ASAP
(Maryland) Civil rights attorney's home raided by SWAT, entered without warrant and held her at gunpoint

Facebook settles with FTC over deception charges:
"Anonymous has no face, no race, and no origin. Anonymous is a force and as such, simply is. Anonymous..."
NY Councilmen, arrested at Occupy Wall Street, sponsor resolution in support of OWS: Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who was beaten by police, said on Twitter: @OccupyWallStNYC I am introducing a resolution today with @JumaaneWilliams and @TishJames in support of the #occupywallst movement

NY Councilman Jumaane D. Williams
I’m proud of the ’s General Welfare Committee for voting 9-0 on the against ’s policy.

Gateway to Destruction: New report highlights dangers linked w/ controversial Pipeline to British Columbia

In the top secret, most often censored category
Photo series: Homeland Security cops making arrests at Occupy Portland

Report: ALEC in Arizona influences lawmakers (Also watch for the protest in Phoenix on Wednesday) Report: ALEC in Arizona influences lawmakers, A new report claims corporates interests and lobbyists have undue influence at the Arizona Legislature, via the American Legislative Exchange Council.
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