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November 28, 2011

Anonymous: OpOhHai targets firms going after Wikileaks and Occupy Wall Street

Statement online
On several occassions, the wide-ranging constituency of activists that comprise Anonymous, Wikileaks, Occupy Wall Street, and other efforts have come under dishonest and well-financed attacks by lobbying syndicates, law firms, intelligence contractors, and other entities. Often, such groups have numerous ties to branches of the U.S. government; in the case of the Team Themis conspiracy, it was actually the Justice Department itself that recommended Bank of America go to the powerful Hunton & Williams firm in order to go after Wikileaks using clandestine and amoral methedology. Although several of these efforts have been exposed and prevented, none have resulted in any significant consequences for anyone involved in the wrongdoing concerned.
That being the case, these parties have had little reason to refrain from pursuing the growing market for information-based sabotage against civic and activist groups. Meanwhile, the effectivess of these campaigns increase as the intelligence contracting industry develops more effective means of faking public opinion via persona management and other state-of-the-art methodology for the behest of their corporate clients.
Those of us who have studied the situation closely since the seizure of 70,0As such, we have decided to make an example of the latest such entity to have been caught proposing subterfuge in an effort to discredit a movemeght proposing subterfuge in an effort to discredit a  movement that cannot be beaten in the open: Clark Lytle Geduldig and Cranford.
To follow are excerpts from this firm's leaked proposal by which to attack the OWS movement, followed by dox on the principals, who have been receiving constant phone calls at home from a crack team of prank phone call dhovahkiin associated with Anonymous.
"The cornerstone elements of 00 e-mails from HBGary and the destruction of Team Themis have come to a single conclusion - that so long as these dynamics continue, all of the efforts we make in an effort to bring our message to the people via honest and transparent civic participation will be stymied by those of our opponents who must rely on dishonest and clandestine attacks.a plan include: survey research and message testing, opposition research, targeted social media monitoring, coalition planning, and advertising creative and placement strategy development."
"OWS bears many of the hallmarks of a well-funded effort and media reports have speculated about associations with George Soros and others."
"Our opposition research at this stage will produce an anaylsis of OWS backers and funders, extremist leaders, policy positions, and rhetoric for the development of strategic polling and messaging. The research will also identify opportunities to construct fact-based negative narratives of the OWS for high impact media placement to expose the backers behind this movement."
"Specific initial opposition research tactics will include:
- Comprehensive media analysis of OWS and their leaders
- Records search and obtainable open records requests of leaders' histories including civil and criminal information, litigation history, tax liens, bankruptcies, judgments and other associations
-Associated business and record search including internal Revenue Service [sic] and Federal Election Commission filings, sanctions, regulatory actions, and litigation."
Targeted Social Media Monitoring
"The transparency of social media platforms offers an excellent opportunity to anticipate future OWS tactics and messaging as well as identify extreme language and ideas that put its most ardent supporters at odds with mainstream Americans. These platforms may not be a place where engaging OWS supporters directly could be successful but with sophisticated monitoring and analytical tactics it could provide exceptional political intelligence."
Coalition Planning
"Individual companies under threat by OWS and its adoption by Democrats likely will not be the best spokespeople for their own cause. A big challenge is to demonstrate
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