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November 10, 2011

Bumbling undercovers, provocateurs, in the Occupy movement

Undercover officers who made arrests London
Occupy Movement: Police infiltrators, provocateurs and self-appointed spies
Censored News
Today, Censored News shares news of the undercover police officers, and provocateurs, who have been infiltrating the Occupy Wall Street movement, in New York, Oakland, Calif., Nashville, Tenn., Portland, Oregon, London and Maui, Hawaii.
At Occupy Portland, Oregon, people in the crowd recognized the two police officers and called out their names. The video shows them leaving the gathering, and also in uniform.
Undercover officers in London are caught during a violent arrest on video, revealing a team of hood-covered, sweatshirt-wearing undercover officers.
In Nashville, Tenn., police quickly found out that their officers just didn't blend in. In fact, they couldn't even get into an online chat.
At Occupy Oakland, undercover officers are caught on video, in street clothes and in uniform. Then one officer, Fred Shavies, attempts to redeem himself to occupiers. It might have worked, if a writer had not found Shavies' court record of an attack on a cameraman in 2009.
At Occupy New York, a Canadian special forces agent leaves his wallet behind after scaling a sculpture. Also in New York, a security contractor wonders if anyone at Occupy Wall Street will recognize him.
Finally, in Maui, a provocateur attempts to halt video interviews, as Maui officers write down license plate numbers of protesters.
Occupy Nashville, police infiltrators:
"The Tennessean today writes about how the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) infiltrated Occupy Nashville using plainclothed officers. The paper used a public records request to obtain emails confirming that two THP officers infiltrated the Nashville protests," reports Think Progress.
"In addition to regularly monitoring Occupy Nashville updates on social media, the THP unsuccessfully attempted to access a secure chat room for the group on Oct. 10. “I attempted to log onto it giving a fake login name Patrick82 on my laptop and was not successful,” an email from Lt. Preston Donaldson said.
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Occupy Oakland: Police infiltrators:

Officer Fred Shavies resonds to video (above.) Watch here:
Officer Fred Shavies attacked cameraman in 2009:
Portland undercovers identified at Occupy gathering

Occupy Wall Street New York provocateurs, infiltrators

Canadian special forces agent leaves wallet behind after scaling sculpture:
By Brenda Norrell
Photo GN Miller NY Post
NEW YORK -- Canadian Special Forces Agent Dylan Spoelstra, 24, of Toronto, left his wallet behind exposing his identity, after he was arrested at Occupy Wall Street scaling a sculpture on Saturday morning. The police said that after his arrest, he was brought to Bellevue Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after surrendering just after 9 a.m.
Occupy Wall Street media coordinator Thorin Caristo said when Spoelstra began climbing the reddish-colored Joie de Vivre sculpture in Zuccotti Park, on Saturday at 5:30 am, Caristo said he knew it was staged. Caristo recalled the event, first saying to himself, “I can’t believe he’s climbing the sculpture." Police arrived and began inflating airbags. Earlier, families had gathered on Friday at Occupy Wall Street with their children to camp, so it was a special time. However, police cleared them all out during Spoelstra's stunt. “Police cleared out the families and began negotiations with the gentleman on the sculpture," Caristo said. "My own personal feelings that this was a staged event."
Three hours later, police took Spoelstra to Bellevue mental hospital. Then, on Saturday night, Occupy Wall Street security found Spoelstra's wallet, revealing that Spoelstra is a member of Canadian Special Forces. “Our concern is that this was a staged even. Now we are just concerned about who he was working for," Caristo said. In a previous interview with Bloomberg news, Spoelstra described himself as "ex-military" and a "bartender." Spoelstra told Bloomberg, published on Oct. 10: "I read about the pepper spray and clubbing. I have first aid training so I figured I'd just come down here and help out. I respect the cops. I worked for the government for half a decade so I will tell them I respect your service. But I'm on the side of the people."
Security contractor, self-appointed spy, at Wall Street New York
Thomas Ryan: Self appointed spy of Occupy Wall Street New York:
Gawker: Meet the guy who snitched on Occupy Wall Street to the FBI and NYPD:
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London undercover officers 
Undercover officers who made arrests at
the Occupy site in Finsbury Square, Moorgate,
London (Photo via Twitter) 

VIDEO BELOW: Violent arrest at Moorgate by undercover cops


Occupy Maui: Police log license plate numbers as police provocateur is identified:

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London: Police officer who posed as green activist lost everything:

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