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November 24, 2011

Occupy Thanksgiving, Tucson Style

By Brenda Norrell
TUCSON -- It was a happy Thanksgiving at Occupy Tucson, where several turkeys and all the trimmings rolled in from the good folks of Tucson on Thursday afternoon. "I even had pumpkin pie," said one of the men, as yet another car arrived with more turkey and goodies. One woman brought fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, still warm.
Occupy Tucson, located in the heart of downtown, is surrounded by courthouses, banks, cafes and the infamous downtown library. One block to the south is the FBI building, where for years protests against the war have been held every Thursday. A few blocks to the east is the shrine where migrants who have died crossing the Sonora Desert are remembered one night each week.
Back over at Occupy Tucson, one of the signs on the busy street corner, says, "I do have a job!" Another series of signs reminds people, if they are going to yell out of their car windows, to be creative. Other signs point to the corporate theft of America.
Meanwhile, Occupy Tucson peacekeepers maintain their mellow style of keeping the peace here.
Tucson police are citing and field releasing occupiers each night, without taking them in to jail. However, the ultimate fines are mounting up.
Still, it was one more really good day to Occupy Tucson.

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