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November 16, 2011

New York Mayor's Big Lie: Seized Occupy Items

Occupy Wall Street New York occupiers' belongings
thrown in pile by New York police during Tuesday's raid

State of Seized Library: Books and laptops destroyed by New York police in raid
By Occupy Wall Street Library
Posted at Censored News

We’re getting our first report back from the folks who went to the Sanitation Garage. Mayor Bloomberg’s office tweeted : “Property from #Zuccotti, incl #OWS library, safely stored @ 57th St Sanit Garage; can be picked up Weds” But it turns out, not surprisingly, that this was a lie. Our folks on the ground say:

“There are only about 25 boxes of books; many of the books are destroyed. Laptops here but destroyed. Can’t find tent or shelves.”
Photo before the police attack

One of our librarians Zach came up with a partial list of what was taken and it’s looking like only a few books and our (destroyed) laptops were at Sanitation. So Mayor Bloomberg: where is the People’s Library?

Between 2,000 and 4,000 books (we’ll know if it looks right when we see it ), this includes five boxes of “Reference” materials many of which were autographed by the authors;
Our custom made “OWS library stamps;”
5 (4?) laptop computers;
Our wifi device;
miscellaneous paper supplies;
A round portable table;
a rectangular portable table;
6 metal shelves (five of which had been set up in two pieces);
three sets of wooden drawers;
a periodicals spinning rack;
Approximately 60 plastic tubs/bins of varying sizes (most small, but several big);
archival materials (I was starting to collect some stuff in the library);
posters (including many original posters created by OWS participants);
two lamps;
four solar lights;
7 (or so) chairs;
a wooden dinner table (that was our’s right?);
periodicals/newspapers/zines (not counted in our book total);
our awesome tent;
personal belongings of librarians;

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