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November 30, 2011

Police Evicting Occupy LA and Philly

Armed police go after occupier of tree
Occupy Los Angeles
Police Evicting Occupy LA and Philly
Censored News
Riot Police Storm Occupy LA
WED. Nov. 30, 2011 1 am
Hundreds of police stormed Occupy Los Angeles from the street and inside City Hall. Tents were torn down by police in Hazmat suits. Hundreds of riot police surrounded occupiers. Occupiers reported people being beaten by police. Occupy Livestream:
Police in Hazmat suits at
Occupy LA Wed. 2 am
Oakland's OakFoSho live in LA:
More livestream:
MEDIA WATCH CBS News: CBS sounds like a press service for LA police. Cheerleading is not journalism:
LAPD booking and processing station at Dodger Stadium, 900 police reported Police are limiting the press, restrictive pool
VIDEO: Police on horses charge Occupy Philly

Occupy LA
Police points gun at Livestreamer OakFoSho

About this video:
Sorry for the video issues from around 2:13 onwards. I was going to remove it but figured I'd let you guys hear the sounds after the video stops at least :)

Our police state at its finest. Officers last name is Escamilla from the L.A.P.D. I believe. Here he is shown pointing a gun at a peaceful reporter.

I'm not sure of the specific legalities of this but it sure isn't an example of what a public servant should be doing; point the gun foolishly or even participating in pro-police state idiocy. Be sure to like/share to get this information out.

The recorder of this video can be found on Twitter @OakFoSho.
Occupy LA: Officers take lift up to arrest one of people in trees

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