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November 9, 2011

Akwesasne to Pine Ridge: Wednesday's photos

Skennentaia'kwa: Hawi

Akwesasne Mohawks journey to Pine Ridge and Rosebud lands in South Dakota. Mohawk families sharing with Lakota families. They have delivered a semi-truck load of supplies in time for winter. Photos by Neddie Katsitsiaiohne, with computer technician Scottie Ryan Hill/Skennentaia'kwa: Hawi
Neddie Katsitsiaiohne: "We will be getting the rest of the donations to different areas today, we are at the last part of the donations. Everyone was so happy to get the donations, the blankets most were new, and sheets still in the package. The baby clothes went really fast. All the young mothers were very pleased and happy to have warm winter clothing for the families."

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