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November 17, 2011

'Nazi' book destroyers strike Occupy Wall Street AGAIN

Occupy Wall Street librarians with new books again

NYPD and Brookfield seize People's Library AGAIN

By XENI JARDIN/Boing Boing Net
(Nov. 17, 2011) NEW YORK -- "NYPD and Brookfield have taken the People's Library again and we love you all," tweet the Occupy Wall Street librarians of Zuccotti Park.
They also raided all the energy bars, waters, and snacks from the re-created library, and threw them away, too. This is not the first time.
Then, shortly after: "A few of our awesome librarians holding up new donations just after NYPD and Brookfield workers took our books tonight."
The librarians are restocking, in case you'd like to donate.
And for those new to the story, Brookfield is the owner of Zuccotti Park, a central site in the two-month-old global Occupy movement. Participants in the OWS protest at Zuccotti set up a book-sharing site, a library of sorts, and both the structure and the 5,000 books it contained were destroyed by the police earlier this week.
"Books are apparently the crosses and garlic of the evil vampire squid," tweets "bookmaker" Kate Black.
"Porn star Sasha Grey reads to children while the NYPD throws books in the trash," sayscomedian Rob Delaney. "Inhale that, America."

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